I love stumbling on new truths and I found a nugget of gold today. Psalm 78:19 asks, “Can God spread a table in the desert?” Can God? Can He provide a picnic in the wilderness? Yes, Yes and Amen!

I love going to Israel and seeing the people and the land and learning the ancient ways. I am learning to study the Bible through a Middle Eastern lens rather than just my Western lens. One difference between these two lenses is the way the Hebrews look at the “Wilderness”. In their understanding, “Wilderness” is where God does some of His best work. In the “Wilderness” we in the Western World often ask, “How much longer?” and “How can I get out of this and get out of it now?” In the Middle Eastern lens the question is, “God, what are you teaching me in my ‘Wilderness’”?” In tough times, I am learning to ask:

  1. What do I need to lament?
  2. What can I celebrate in the pain?
  3. Who is God? What is He like?
  4. What is God doing/forming in me?

We do not have to go looking for a “wilderness”. Sooner or later it comes to us. I was supposed to fly to Israel this month. October 7th changed all that. Our team was going to spend a little time in the wilderness. In Israel, you often cannot go around the wilderness, you have to go through it. The same is true with the wildernesses of life.

I ask you this today – Can God spread a table in the “wilderness”? Let’s remember the answer is YES! The Living God is amazing.

Governor’s Prayer Breakfast
The 2023 Governor’s Prayer Breakfast was inspiring and God honoring from start to finish. This annual event is non-partisan and is led by citizens of Louisiana who join together in a time of prayer for the leadership of our state which includes the Governor, the Legislature, and all state and local elected officials. Its purpose is to seek God’s guidance for all leaders and citizens of our State and to strengthen ourselves for the journey as we try to live as a responsible community of faith. It is an interdenominational event centered on the person of Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world and is intended to promote His glory. Steve Russell’s testimony and Riley Clemmons’ vocal talent were captivating. Steve has done a great service in leading the team that captured Sadaam Hussein in that hole in the ground and now leads the Jungle Aviation Mission ministry JARS.

Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry
2024 LA Governor’s Prayer Breakfast
Meeting with Governor Landry
LA Governor's Prayer Breakfast Team
LA Governor’s Prayer Breakfast Team

Communitywide Leader Faith Forum
I am very thankful for the elected leaders and citizens who gathered in St. Tammany Parish to pray for our community and leaders. We had Senators, Representatives, Parish President, University President, Mayors, School Officials, Judge, Acting DA, Council, Sheriff, Business people, candidates for office and many pastors involved in serving, praying, reading Scripture and testifying.

Leaders in St. Tammany Parish

Praying for Elected Leaders

Pray for these Special Events

  • Louisiana Legislative Session, March 11-June 3 – Pray for the Legislators Bible study I lead and for me as I meet many new Legislators.
  • Capitol Bible Reading Marathon, March 16-20 – It will be an honor to help kick off the reading of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation on the South Capitol Steps.
  • Lynhaven Rescue NOLA, March 22 – Fighting the Fight against Sex Trafficking.
  • Hope House Champions Breakfast, April 17 – Fighting the fight against abuse.




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