Capitol Commission of Louisiana

2020 … Here We Go!

Our 2020 is off and running. At Capitol Commission Louisiana/Grace Adventures our ministry does not have a political agenda. We focus on building relationships with leaders on both sides of the aisle to bring gospel hope and spiritual strength. We desire to see a movement of people centered on Jesus and seek to equip leaders […]

Capitol Commission Louisiana 2019 Year-End Newsletter

I’m not really a big crier. However, the other day I was moved deeply by a story Andy Stanley told. His church really took off when it got started, and they finally had to look for a facility to house all the crowds of people attending. After looking they landed upon a warehouse that could […]

October 2019

As you know, Capitol Commission Louisiana/Grace Adventures exists to be a life-changing, Jesus-centered voice among leaders, especially elected leaders in Government. We connect and build trust relationships with political leaders for the purpose of sharing the Gospel, prayer and discipleship. There is so much to do as Government is one of the most influential yet […]

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