National Day of Prayer

Capitol Commission Louisiana 2022 Year-End Newsletter

The old saying goes, “When you see a turtle on a post, you can be sure HE DIDN’T GET THERE ALONE.” As our ministry to leaders enters our 13th year, we are keenly aware we did not get to where we are alone. We thank God for His grace and provision. Likewise, Donna and I […]


I love this story out of old Russia. When Nicholas II was Czar of Russia, a father enlisted his son into the military in hopes of instilling discipline and direction into his life. Among other things, the young man had a weakness for gambling and the atmosphere of army life seemed to hurt rather than […]


The 2022 Governor’s Prayer Breakfast was inspiring and God honoring from start to finish. Keynote speaker Dr. Voddie Bachum was exceptional. He spoke on the God who hears, remembers, sees and knows. The best quote was, “”Newsflash! God’s not running for God.” God is sovereign and in control. The Governor’s Prayer Breakfast Task Force had […]

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