Speaking Events


Our ministry, Capitol Commission, participated May 6-15th in the “Uniting our Nations and Reconciling our World Global Conference” in Geneva, Switzerland to train leaders to serve as Chaplains for the Gospel in Capitols around the world. Leaders from Africa, Asia and North & South America attended our training workshops to potentially serve full-time in their […]

Louisiana Governor’s Prayer Breakfast

The 2023 Governor’s Prayer Breakfast was inspiring and God honoring from start to finish. This annual event is non-partisan and is led by citizens of Louisiana who join together in a time of prayer for the leadership of our state which includes the Governor, the Legislature, and all state and local elected officials. Its purpose […]

America, Be Careful!

I had the incredible experience at the National Prayer Breakfast to hear the inspiring story of four Rwandan national leaders who lived through the genocide in their nation in the early 1990’s. One million people lost their lives in a three-month period. Most who died had their heads hacked off with machetes. Women were gang […]

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