Grace Adventures Update

Donna and I are soooo grateful for the prayer, encouragement and support of friends who have helped us launch the new ministry called GRACE ADVENTURES. Keep praying. Your prayers are making the difference. Here’s the update:


There is one week to go in my 52-day challenge of focusing time on support-raising. My inspiration is Nehemiah who rebuilt the wall of Jerusalem in 52 days. If a cupbearer could do so much in less than 2 months, than surely I could tackle my wall of raising partners for the ministry of GRACE ADVENTURES. The prayer is to build a team of monthly supporters so the ministry can be sustainable and fruitful.
It is easy to have a goal, but the reality of raising support can seem like a huge obstacle is standing in your way. This is particularly true for me. I’m not good at fund-raising and have never had to raise missionary support. In fact, one friend said I was pathetic at it … so pathetic he made up 25 business cards for me and said to take someone out to lunch, excuse myself, hand them a business card and go to the bathroom. The business card reads:
Hi, my name is Michael Sprague. I am Pastor of GRACE ADVENTURES. I am shy about asking for financial support. Excuse me, but I need to go to the bathroom. While I am absent from your presence would you mind considering some financial support for my ministry. Thank you, and if you have any additional questions please ask my wife Donna. Thank you.
It’s good to laugh at yourself and be amazed that God can use the foolish things (even pathetic) of this world like me in His grace adventures. When you minister in your weaknesses, it creates incredible dependency. It is quite an adventure to be fully dependant upon the grace of God. Of course, whether it’s your strengths or weaknesses isn’t Jesus always asking, “Is it you or is it Me you are depending upon?” The update with a week to go – I am at 72% of my initial monthly support raising needed for the ministry of GRACE ADVENTURES. I started at zero a few weeks back and now there is 72%. That’s God!!!!!  That is a lot of generous friends!!!!  That is GRACE. I thank God.
Please keep praying. A number of additional people are praying about being on the monthly support team. The sooner I can get toward the monthly support goal the more I can give full attention to the awesome opportunities in ministry with outreach and discipleship. If you can help with a monthly support commitment, you are needed and wanted.


Ministry Development

Donna and I have been working diligently to launch GRACE ADVENTURES. It is like launching a rocket…it takes 80% of the fuel to get it started up. We are in the midst of making contacts, communicating the vision, starting new outreach and Bible studies, data base development, donor processes, literature development, PayPal, website, non-profit and IRS authorizations, and on and on it goes. The good news is there is progress on every front. It seems like everyone I talk to gives another piece of the ministry foundation. I love to do God’s bidding and do it with the people I love. Doors are flying wide open. The Spirit is alive. Lives are changing. It is almost like after KATRINA when every hour God came through visibly.

2011 Ministry Focus

Here is the 2011 ministry focus of GRACE ADVENTURES so that you can have a better understanding of the ministry and to see how you can pray.  You can also check out the new ministry website at Please give some input as well. How can I improve? What would be helpful?

Business and Political Leaders

·         Multiply Bible Studies for Leaders
·         One-on-One Evangelism and Discipleship
·         Business Forums
·         Oil Field Fellowship
·         Mayor’s Prayer Breakfasts

Spiritual Leaders

·         Monthly Pastor Forums
·         Consulting, Mentoring, Training, Seminars
·         Preaching

World Missions

·         Periodic Spokesman for Touch Global Crisis Response

Grace Adventures

·         Men’s Adventure Events
·         Short-Term Mission Opportunities
·         Retreats
·         Annual National Prayer Breakfast, Louisiana Delegation

Resource Development

·         Books
·         Evangelism and Discipleship Tools
·         Blog


The book is back from the editor. I’m finishing up the footnotes and then will be turning my attention to find a publisher. I’ve got 4 possibilities at this point, and I’m hoping for Tyndale. Pray for an open door for the book to be published.
Thank you all for caring. It is wonderful to have friends like you. My favorite cartoon is a robber holding up a man and saying, “Put all your valuables in this sack!” In the next frame you see the man stuffing all his friends into the sack. That is my life story.  “Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. I thank my God in all my remembrance of you” (Philippians 1:2-3).
Betting the Farm on God,
Michael Sprague
Grace Adventures Update

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