Active Hands

Donna and I have gone from “open hands” to “active hands.” I am now the pioneer and President of a non-profit ministry called, “GRACE ADVENTURES.” This Christ-centered, Kingdom-focused, Grace-motivated, Bible-based ministry seeks to reach, engage and train leaders for Christ and the cause of Christ. The opportunities God has thrust into my lap are amazing and as fresh as yesterday and today. I am working with business, political and spiritual leaders, Bible studies, and am leading and speaking in a variety of sectors of the community. I am amazed at the diversity of ministry God has brought my way:  from work with street people to preaching in African-American churches, a Presbyterian and a Bible church, a Baptist adult Bible fellowship, and Mars Hill discussions with spiritual investigators.

The Bible is active and sharper than any two edged sword. A spiritually investigating business owner told me recently, “I am either going to become the greatest follower of Christianity or the greatest detractor of Christianity. I am on the fence right now.” I think the hound of heaven, the Holy Spirit, is reeling him in, and it’s only a matter of time. Another seeking business leader stopped me on the basketball court and for the first time in his life was interested in getting into a Bible study. He said, “Michael how much would it cost for you to lead one of those Bible study things?” I told him I’d never charge anything to talk to someone about the Lord and the Bible. He’s getting twelve of his friends together for their first ever GRACE ADVENTURE. I’ve got opportunities with CEO forums, the newly formed Oil Field Fellowship, and potential speaking opportunities with Touch Global. All of these opportunities were initiated by God, not me. My cup overflows.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Please pray for my support raising process over the next 52 days. I am fully responsible in this missionary position to raise all my family and ministry expense financial support. This is challenging. I’ve never done this before. On top of this, I’ve always been a lousy fundraiser … in fact “pathetic” as one sympathetic friend puts it. When I get to full-support the credit will only go to God and generous friends.

Here is my plan. If Nehemiah could build a wall in 52 days – then I can devote myself to talk to friends for 52 days and invite them to invest in Kingdom work as God leads. I’m convinced God owns everything, where He leads, He supplies and God will nudge the right people at the right time to co-labor with me. Already a number of people have committed to monthly support. Missionaries have counseled me to try to get monthly support and trust God to get to full support before devoting full attention to the ministry side. They tell me without a support base your marriage suffers, you are distracted in the work and easily discouraged. Please pray for me as I set up appointments in January and February. Pray for a two-day missionary training seminar Donna and I are attending in Dallas next week called BODY BUILDERS. If you want to talk to me about partnering in support, please call me at 985-502-4265 or email me at Support can be sent to GRACE ADVENTURES, 701 Rue Marseille, Mandeville, LA 70471.

  1. Pray for all the foundational aspects of the ministry to be organized. Bank accounts, electronic fund transfers, webpage, data base, newsletter design, systems, contacts, etc. Mostly pray for God’s favor. I so thankful for this. Divine favor is God doing something for you that you know you can’t do for your self. There is nothing else like the Father’s favor relationally, spiritually and financially. Remember Daniel.  He had favor with those in places of great authority. Favor opens doors.

  1. Book – Finally I got the book I’m writing out the door and into the hands of an editor, and Lord willing then on to a publisher. I need favor big-time. A friend told me this week   the governor of Louisiana told him he wanted a copy of my book as soon as it gets published. FAVOR. I’m thankful.

Donna and I are grateful for being blessed with friends. Thank you for praying and caring. We had a white Christmas in Maryland with our families. Jonathan and Patricia got to spend four days with us. The June 11 wedding is in Mesquite, Texas will soon be here. I’ve done many weddings but never one for a son. How sweet it will be!!! You can check out Jonathan’s wedding website at Jonathan is a software developer … can you tell?

I will be preaching at Forcey Memorial Church in Silver Spring, MD on February 13th at their morning services. If you are in the area, please come.

Please send me an e-mail on how you are doing. I’m interested.

Have a great 2011. May you be full of life and health this year. May you be surrounded by family and authentic friendships. May the Word nourish your souls and may the Holy Spirit apply His comforting salve to your nicks and wounds. May you be fully used in the purposes of God and find delight and wonder and worship in Him. May perseverance and stick-to–it-ness be yours. May you live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God. May the living God guide, protect and direct as you live dangerously for Him. May the Shalom of God be upon you and give you His peace and Favor. Amen

Betting the Farm on God,


Active Hands

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