Big Events Month

Big Events Month

The month of April is a BIG EVENTS MONTH. I am excited to share what opportunities God continues to bring our way:

Forcey Missions Conference (March 19-22)

Forcey Missions ConferenceIt was a joy to return to Forcey Bible Church to speak at their Missions Conference. Donna has been part of this ministry for 40 years and I’ve been part of Forcey 37 years. I spoke to a wonderful group of young men on Thursday night at the Christian Service Brigade and then to a chapel full of middle schoolers at Forcey Christian School on Friday. I had the opportunity to speak at the Missions Banquet Saturday evening and then speak briefly in the two Sunday morning services. The scariest part was speaking to two children’s classes Sunday morning. I hadn’t done that in a long time.

Resurrection Retreat at White Sulphur Springs (April 3-5)

Resurrection Retreat at White Sulphur SpringsThis is the third year in a row that Donna and I have had the honor to spend time with Officers Christian Fellowship in White Sulphur Springs, Pennsylvania. The lodge was full with military officers and their families. Students from the Naval Academy led the music, and students from West Point led the children’s ministry. I was privileged to speak five times, including a sunrise Resurrection Retreat at White Sulphur Springsservice and later a worship service on Easter Sunday morning. It was a great day for me since it was exactly 40 years ago on an Easter Sunday that I trusted Jesus as my Savior! My life and destiny was forever changed. Donna got to lead the discussion with the military wives and had many great conversations. She has been especially touched by the wounded warriors who have participated at the retreats.

Leadership St. Tammany Breakfast (April 9)

Leadership St. Tammany BreakfastThis year, I serve as President of the Leadership St. Tammany Alumni Foundation. This leadership group has had about 500 graduates over the last 21 years and sponsors four big events a year. Our keynote speaker at the breakfast this year was our new District Attorney Warren Montgomery.

Northshore Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast with Moonwalker Charlie Duke (April 10)

Northshore Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast with Moonwalker Charlie DukeMy wonderful colleague in ministry Barry Haindel has once again pulled together leaders and guests from the Parish to present our Northshore Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast. This year’s speaker was Astronaut Charlie Duke who was the tenth man to walk on the moon during the Apollo 16 mission. This is always an inspiring outreach to our community and always includes a great gospel message.

Louisiana Legislative Session (April 13)

The Legislative Session in Baton Rouge will start on Monday at the Capitol. Our Governor Bobby Jindal and several others will speak. The big legislative issues will be to resolve a 1.6 billion dollar shortfall in the budget and to address the Common Core education issue. Please pray for wisdom, humility and resolve for our legislators. I try to spend Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the Capitol during session.

Governors Prayer Breakfast with Ravi Zacharias (April 15)

Governors Prayer Breakfast with Ravi ZachariasNoted Apologist Ravi Zacharias will speak at the 51st Annual Governor’s Prayer Breakfast. The purpose of the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast is to seek God’s guidance for all leaders and citizens of our State, and to strengthen ourselves for the journey as we try to live as a responsible community of faith. It is an interdenominational event centered on the person of Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world and is intended to promote His glory.

House of Representatives Bible Study (Thursdays)

It will be a joy to kick off the 3rd year of our Legislators Bible Study. Rep. Chris Broadwater and Rep. Katrina Jackson have been so kind to co-sponsor this Thursday morning study. We have a great group.

Lobbyist Bible Study (Tuesdays)

This year I will lead two Lobbyist Bible Studies. They will meet Tuesdays at noon and early morning. Lobbyists, administration people, judges, etc. will attend.

Southern Christian Writer’s Guild (April 11)

DisasterI appreciate opportunities to speak to a wide range of groups in the community. This year is the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. I look forward to having many open doors this year to share my story and my book Disaster: Betting the Farm on God in Life’s Storms.

Betting the Farm on God,

Big Events Month

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