When Your Elected Leaders Embarrass You … Keep Perspective

The next time you are embarrassed by your national leaders … remember Sporus! Nero was Caesar while many of the New Testament books were written. Nero’s cruelty, ruthlessness and depravity are well documented as well as his burning Rome and pinning the blame on the followers of Jesus. What isn’t well known was the wedding of the century. Nero kicked his pregnant wife to death and decided to marry Sporus. Sporus was a young boy whom the Roman Emperor favored, castrated (so his boyish looks wouldn’t change) and wed.  It was said Sporus had an uncanny resemblance to his first wife. The wedding was public with all the pomp and circumstance of royalty … rose colored veil and long dress. Think Prince Charles and Lady Diana. When the officiating officer asked, “Does anyone object to this union? Speak now or forever hold your peace.” You can bet everyone bit their lip. Nero and Sporus paraded around the city making out. Nero made everyone address Sporus as “Empress.”

We increasingly live in a Post-Christian society and grabble with how to respond. Rage, withdrawal and grumbling are often the modus operandi. Maybe we need to remember Nero and Sporus the next time an elected leader embarrasses you. This will keep things in perspective. Interestingly, Paul didn’t protest, boycott or even mention the wedding of the century in his writings. He knew that King Jesus had given clear cut marching orders, “Go and make disciples…” I know … those words are not as nifty as the cool, sexy, shiny, new things coming down the pike. Take note! We must not confuse the sensational with the significant. At Capitol Commission … we have never been nor will ever be sensational. However, we endeavor to do something eternally significant – Jesus Centered Disciplemaking.

  • It’s what we do
  • With everyone
  • Everyday
  • Everywhere
  • As long as we have breath

We help form political, business and faith leaders for kingdom initiatives. These leaders serve sacrificially and lead well in Jesus’ name at the critical intersections of our day.

Prayer Requests

  1. The Louisiana Legislative Session starts April 8- June 6.  Twenty-one percent (24 of 105) of the House will be new Legislators and 41% of the Senate (16 of 39). Pray for opportunities to get to know these new leaders.
  2. The National Prayer Breakfast is right around the corner. You can watch it live on February 7th on C-SPAN. Pray for our Louisiana delegation to recognize divine appointments. Pray for my appointments on Capitol Hill with our Louisiana leaders. Our team is gearing up for the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast on April 10th (tickets can be purchased at www.lagpb.org) and the National Day of Prayer Capitol Event on May 2nd.
  3. I’m thankful for all God’s provision through wonderful friends in 2018. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!
  4. Pray for a reconciliation project with the NFL. I’m involved with U.S. Ambassador, former Senate Chaplain and a former NFL player. This would take a mighty move of God.

Ministry and Family Pictures

Louisiana First Lady Donna Edwards
Spoke at Racial Reconciliation Meeting
Leading in Prayer and Pledge at the Chamber of Commerce
Giving Hope
Christmas at the Louisiana State Capitol
Christmas 2018

Helping Louisiana’s Leaders,

When Your Elected Leaders Embarrass You … Keep Perspective

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