What is Your Win? Obedience or Good Outcomes?


Charles Stanley, in his younger years as an Associate Pastor at a large church, faced an unfair job–threatening and potentially career-ending situation. He was told, “If you do not cooperate, we will ruin you and ruin your name.” There was an easy way out of the mess that included a payout, but the option of maintaining integrity would cost him and his whole family.

It was decision time.

An older lady knew about the situation and showed up at Charles’ office with a picture. In fact, she showed up with the picture that is posted here. She said, “Charles, what do you notice in the picture?” He said, “Well, Daniel isn’t looking at the lions!”

This was a defining moment.

Charles has said from that time forward, “My responsibility is to obey God and leave the consequences to Him.”

Well said! Charles chose the Integrity path.

Do you need to take your eyes off the lions today and put your eyes on the Lion Tamer?

Do you agree or disagree? Obedience is in our control. Outcomes are not.


I had a marvelous time teaching the men of Forcey Bible Church on the topic of HOW TO DEFEAT THE GIANTS OF DISCOURAGEMENT AND APATHY. This was their 30th Men’s Retreat.

Look at the picture. Notice anything? This Band of Brothers does better at attracting a cross spread of ages than anyone I know. Look at the number of young men!!!! The future is promising for the next 30 years.

This is what I find happens when men carve out a weekend for God and build a deeper brotherhood… A CHANGE OF PACE + A CHANGE OF PLACE = A CHANGE OF PERSPECTIVE.


  1. Our Governor’s Prayer Breakfast Team is experiencing great sadness at the death of our chairman and friend Greg Inman. Greg is a man of God and had the motto, “BE A LEADER NOT A FOLLOWER AND PUT OTHERS FIRST.” We rejoice that in Jesus we do not go from the land of the living to the land of the dying, but we go from the land of the dying to the land of the living. Pray for Greg’s young family.
  2. Pray for a preaching opportunity at Northshore Bible Church on November 7th in Covington at 9:00 and 10:30am. All are welcome.
  3. Pray for my opportunity to speak at the Sheriff’s Prayer Breakfast in Walker, LA on November 3rd at 7am.
  4. I have been teaching verse by verse through the book of Daniel to leaders the last couple months. May the way of Jesus be formed in us.


Praying with Other Pastors for State Treasurer
State Treasurer John Schroder

Helping Louisiana’s Leaders,

What is Your Win? Obedience or Good Outcomes?

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