The Foremost Need of the Day? Agree or Disagree.

Take a good long look at this diagram. I dare you to ponder it deeply. Is it true? Why or why not?

Could the foremost need of our day be the disciplemaking of men and women? Do you agree or disagree? What would happen if we focused more time and energy on developing disciples?

Now think about Jesus’ life and ministry and run it through the diagram. He started small, stealthy and unconventional, but the work rippled in all directions.

Now, think through the strategy of the early church and run it through the diagram. See a pattern?

If the first and foremost need of our day is disciplemaking … what does that mean for you? Ponder deeply.

My application is stay steady, faithful, and focused on the disciplemaking of leaders. Nothing flashy, showy, or grandiose is required. If I abide in Jesus, He will bring the fruit. If I build trust-filled relationships, good things will come. I just need to keep my hand to the plow and live out grace-adventures. How about you?

Thank You Connectors

Last month I let it be known that I was available to speak during my October Washington, DC visit. I am grateful for many opportunities that were offered! During the fall and spring, I have time to speak to churches, community organizations, men’s groups, retreats, etc. If you can connect me to any of these venues, or if I can serve your group, please let me know. There are no speaking fees. I just like sharing what God is doing and how he wants to use people.

National Legislative Conference

Last week, a three-day national conference for legislators was held in New Orleans. Because they trusted our non-political and non-lobbying strategy, the conference organizers gave me and three other State Chaplains platform time to share the Word of God and pray as well as lead Bible Studies and other opportunities.

Through the week, the gospel was shared with a Mormon Senator from Montana, a skeptic Representative from Wyoming, and several very powerful leaders from Washington. We prayed with dozens more, challenging them with God’s truth and distributing reinforcing resource materials. Hallelujah, more than 40 legislators and political leaders came to devotional times during this conference.

One legislator stated, “I came to New Orleans wondering what this conference would be like in such a city known for its sin, but Capitol Commission brought to this conference the faithful presence of Christ!”

It was a great opportunity for me to interact with our Governor, Speaker of the House, State Treasurer, Senators, Representatives, Candidates for office and Lobbyists.

Pray for

The many speaking opportunities in the next few weeks. Check the speaking schedule at

Legislators Devotional
Legislators Reception
Methodist Ministers District Meeting

Helping Louisiana’s Leaders,

The Foremost Need of the Day? Agree or Disagree.

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