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Speaking Opportunities

Within the past few weeks, since the Louisiana Legislative Session finished, I have had the joy of adding numerous speaking events to my schedule. Most came as a total pleasant surprise. What joy and opportunity. I am thankful. You can look at the list below! In pondering this phenomenon I realized in every case these doors opened because God used a friend to open the door or make the request. Every single one.

In Scripture, God’s people were constantly “catching the eye” of people in places of influence who were capable of blessing them. Joseph caught the eye of the King’s cupbearer and he went from nameless to famous. Ruth caught the eye of Boaz and went from gleaning in the field to owning it. David caught the eye of Samuel and the door was opened to be a King. Esther caught the eye of the King and saved her people from genocide. There are so many stories of favor flowing to people through people. This is the story of my life and ministry. My friends have been part of God’s favor in my life. They are not in my life by accident or coincidence.

SO … here’s my ASK. As God opens doors, I want to get the word out about Capitol Commission Louisiana, and my message, “IS THERE HOPE FOR AMERICA AND YOU?” People more than ever need encouragement, hope, and understanding of our times. I do this in churches through Retreats, Preaching, Men’s and Women’s groups, Christian schools, Seniors Groups, Prayer meetings, Youth Groups, Disaster Response Groups, etc. In the community, I’ve spoken to Political Groups, Rotary Clubs, Leadership Groups, Doctor and Dental Groups, Legal Groups, Business Groups etc. If there is an opportunity in your church or community association, or business … let me know. Talk to your Pastor or others if you think there may be a possibility. I am looking forward to continuing to partner with my friends. Often I can tailor my messages to the needs of the individual group so people have their giftedness fanned and unleashed for greater purposes. You can refer people to our website at for more information.


Mandeville City Council, Aug. 11
Living Hope Retreat, Aug. 15
Louisiana Legislative Retreat, New Orleans, Aug. 19
Leadership St. Tammany Retreat, Aug. 21
Black Pastors Baton Rouge Meeting, Aug. 26
Chiropractic Gathering, New Orleans, Sept. 25
St. Louis, MO Capitol Commission Event, Sept. 29
Burke, VA Community Church Men’s Gathering, Dec. 10
Celebration Church, Silver Spring, MD, Dec. 11
Wayside Chapel Men’s Retreat, San Antonio, TX, Feb. 24-26, 2017
Iron Sharpens Iron, Baton Rouge, March 11, 2017
Iron Sharpens Iron, Houma, Louisiana, April 1, 2017
Iron Sharpens Iron, Dallas, Texas Area, April 29, 2017

Our Focus

Capitol Commission Louisiana takes a different approach than many faith based action groups. Instead of focusing on changing policy, we focus on changing the hearts of policy makers. The Great Commission doesn’t say, “Go, therefore, and make advocacy groups.” Capitol Commission intentionally puts disciplers in Capitol Communities and among those in leadership in local levels of Government. This is done in a non-partisan way because Jesus died for all … elephants and donkeys included. The aim of the ministry is to create an oasis of safe space where leaders can find encouragement, support, care, and Scripture in order to take a next step in their faith journey with Jesus Christ. This ministry to Lawmakers and Leaders believes that – When Hearts and Minds are Right … Laws Will Be Better and Communities can Flourish. Our prayer is this movement will spread to leaders locally, in State Capitols, Washington, D.C. and even internationally through the person of Jesus Christ and His Good News.

Please pray for the people of Baton Rouge
Please pray for the people of Baton Rouge during this difficult time.
Speaking to Disaster Response Teams
Speaking to Disaster Response Teams
Mayors Prayer Breakfast
Mayors Prayer Breakfast



Please Help Me … Take a Look!

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