Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Michael, Patricia, Jonathan and Donna, June 2011
What a difference a year makes. At the end of 2010, I was officially unemployed with much uncertainty about the future. 2011 began with the seed of a new calling. GRACE ADVENTURES sprouted with a dedication to reach Political, Business and Spiritual leaders for Jesus, one leader at a time. This ministry is like a tiny, tiny, tiny mustard seed that gets planted in the ground. No one says, “Amen” to a mustard seed. Nobody says, “Yeah, slow organic growth.” So many want the Kingdom style to be swift, forced, visible, and powerful, but Jesus says go with the mustard seed approach, emphasizing slow, steady, stealthy, healthy planting, watering and cultivating. In time the Kingdom bursts forth with fruit 30, 60 or 100 fold. The grand vision is to serve behind the scenes to reach and train up leaders so that these Christ followers from the political, business and spiritual arenas become fruitful in the community.
The Kingdom is Bursting Forth:

·      A political leader recently verbalized he was born again and is now starting a new outreach in the community.
·      A business leader has caught the vision to multiply and asked me to assist him in designing a way to share his faith with his many friends and family.
·      A group of city leaders has caught the message of GRACE and asked me to train them to do evangelism for fruitfulness the rest of their lives.
·      A man’s wife wondered what was different about him. He said, “I think I have Jesus in my life.”
·      A leader who came to his first Bible study ever said, “Can we get together for lunch and talk about Christ?” We did and he committed to getting together one-on-one.
·      A business leader told me, “In the many years of getting together for lunch with people, I’ve never had anyone who didn’t want something from me.” He said, “Michael is the first person not to ask me for anything, but instead he asked, ‘How can I serve you?’”
Michael speaking at Men’s Retreat
in Lake Geneva, WI
I thank my God for each of you
I could go on and on. The Kingdom is breaking forth. The Business and Political world is virtually an untapped mission field.  It is amazing. My approach … I make appointments with leaders. I say, “I don’t want one penny from you.  I don’t want to tell you how to vote. I don’t have any agenda. I just want to help you with your soul if you need the help.” The doors are wide open. Many leaders don’t have many people in their lives who don’t want anything from them. I aim to be that person. I am there to care for them and tend for their souls.

Do You Realize that I have only been able to do this because you have prayed and supported the Ministry? You make it possible. You share in the fruit of the Kingdom.  You are an indispensable part of the team. You are valued and appreciated deeply and dearly.  Thank you!


Covington Bible Study
Financial Update
I have not mentioned finances since the ministry first began in January-February.  For a man who has been called “pathetic” at fundraising, God gave us enough to get started. Amen. The core of the ministry has been supported by people making monthly commitments to GRACE ADVENTURES, and this has been supplemented by one-time gifts. I am grateful for your partnership. As I go into 2012, I have monthly commitment for 67% of my needed support, but still need to raise 33%. As a faith-based ministry, I am responsible to raise all of my monthly support.
Please pray for:
·      New monthly commitment to join the team.
·      Those who committed to one year to consider on-going support.
·      End-of-the-year special gifts for special projects.
Two year-end projects for 2012:
·      Funding to minister to pastors and mayors in natural disaster spots with encouragement, hope and awareness that God’s greatest ministry is often done in the midst of crisis.
·      Funding for radio ministry to target the unconnected, irreligious, turned-off-to-religion and introduce them to the real Jesus.
Can You Help with the Needs of Grace Adventures?
·      Prayer Partner
·      Monthly Financial Support to help meet the 2012 need
·      Donate Air Miles to Grace Adventures
·      Know of a church or group you can refer Michael to for preaching, speaking or retreat leading
·      Spread the word about the book, DISASTER: Betting the Farm on God in Life’s Storms
·      You would like help in talking to someone about Jesus.  This is what my ministry is all about!

Betting the Farm on God,


Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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