Louisiana Municipal Convention

Louisiana Municipal Convention

Louisiana Municipal ConventionOn July 31st I had the honor of being the keynote speaker at the Louisiana Municipal Convention prayer breakfast at the Ragin’ Cajun Dome in Lafayette, Louisiana. Over 500 were in attendance, including a roomful of mayors and elected leaders serving throughout the state. I spoke on the topic “Is There Hope for America?” A huge number indicated they want to know more about our Leader Faith Forums!

12-2015 Donna at Municipal ConventionThe following are a few comments that came from leaders:

  • Opened the door of my heart for Jesus to enter.
  • I could actually feel God in the room…
  • Too often I do not feel there is any hope, but indeed, through Jesus we can always have hope.
  • Made me think through things I have been struggling with for a while.
  • Your message encouraged me to press on and stay encouraged.
  • I’ve been praying for God’s light to be shined upon our elected leaders.
  • Inspiring for me to hear the Word of the Lord in a political venue which is much needed.
  • I want to be involved in a Leader Faith Forum.
  • Adding you and your ministry to my prayer list and ask you to add me and my town to yours.
  • Our town needs this.
  • Please call me.
  • Don’t give up on me.

Please pray for the following:

  1. Praying for the Mayor of Lafayette, LAPray for a revitalization in Louisiana and America. With Jesus there is always HOPE!!!
  2. The mayor being prayed over in this picture is the Mayor of Lafayette, Louisiana where the tragic Movie Theater Shooting had just occurred the week before. The theater, which was right around the corner from the Cajun Dome, was still closed while we were there. Much prayer is needed for the people.
  3. I have over 100 Mayors and leaders to follow up with who want to know more about getting into a Leader Faith Forum. Two months prior to this event I was praying and asking the Lord how these forums might spread to interested leaders across the four corners of the state of Louisiana. It was within days I got the call to speak to the 305 Mayors of the state. There was my OPEN DOOR. Even I couldn’t miss this one. Thank you for praying!!
  4. Pray for Upcoming Speaking OpportunitiesPray for many upcoming speaking opportunities in the community . . . retreat, Leader Faith Forums, Leadership St. Tammany, Christian Legal Society, etc.
  5. Pray for wisdom in exploring preaching opportunities in churches. I find many people are disenchanted and even discouraged with the condition of our nation and communities. Encouragement and vision is needed about where our hope rests and understanding the Kingdom is not dependent upon the cooperation of Caesar.
  6. Moving Mom Back to MarylandI helped move my mom back to Maryland to live near my brother. It will be a new adjustment but it is great having mom closer to her kids.

Betting the Farm on God,

Louisiana Municipal Convention

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