Looking Forward to 2022!

It is easy to see the world as an unmitigated disaster … yet some of us are seeing the world as a glorious opportunity to serve people so they might know about the marvelous yet scandalous grace of God that is available to all. Some are worried about the future of the Kingdom of God. I am not. The work of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is unstoppable. Many are turning away from idolatrous forms of cultural and political Christianity. People are tired of fabricated religion and many in this post-Christian culture are being drawn to the amazing person of Jesus and His movement that is not based on politics, fear, and rage.

I am finding open doors locally, statewide, nationally, and internationally. These are redemptive windows. I am believing that our best days are ahead. My dream is for walls to break down between Political, Business and Faith Leaders. Where trust filled relationships develop … anything is possible. I tell leaders all of the time that things can happen in Jesus that can never happen through pure politics.

Yes, 2021 was hard. Trouble is around every corner. However, wherever there is Jesus, there is hope. May we each love, live and lead well in the coming year. I look forward to 2022!! Happy New Year.


I just read a heart skipping, jaw dropping invitation this that is dripping with hope.

“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and YOU WILL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS. For My yoke is easy, and My burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30

Are you weary? Exhausted? Numb? Burnt-out? Stuck? Loaded down? Defeated?

Are you trying to control the uncontrollable and please the unpleasable?

How is your soul? Do you feel like you are on an endless treadmill of checking off boxes, jumping through hoops and trying to earn God’s love?

Do you want a soul that is more peaceful, secure, whole, free, joyous, and alive?


  1. COME. Come to Jesus. He does not say to come to church, follow a creed, systems of theology, pastor, rules, religion. All those things have their place, but the invitation is to Come to Jesus by faith. COME not DO. Come and get attached to a Person by GRACE. You cannot have the life of God without having the life of God.
  2. TAKE MY YOKE. Huh? Does that strike you as odd? Why not “Take my La-Z-Boy or Orthopedic Mattress?” No. Unyoked leads to the uneasy life and yoked leads to the easy life. Through the object lesson of the ox yoke, Jesus invites us to yoke to Him for salvation and soul-rest. If you try to run your own life you will ruin it.
  3. LEARN FROM ME. Over time we learn the WORDS and RHYTHMS of Jesus. We do not try harder but train better. We are not trying to earn but learning to cooperate.

An old legend in Israel says that Jesus built the best yokes in Israel. The sign over his carpenter shop said, “My yokes fit.” Yokes were not factory made but custom made. I do not know if the legend is true, but I know Jesus’ yokes are well fitting. The easy yoke does not mean an easy life. The offer is rest for our souls not our backs. The only joyful yokes come from union and abiding in Jesus. In Him, our vertical relationship with God is anchored and our sin debt is paid. There is peace with God and rest from guilt, shame, and hopelessness.

Will you COME and happily put your neck in His YOKE?


Praise – The victory bells have rung…a pillar of faith is home. Jim Cole… Businessman, beloved husband and dad and grandfather and a man of deep faith. Jim served as the vice-chairman of the Board of Capitol Commission Louisiana/Grace Adventures, since its inception. Thank you, Jim.

Prayer – A special legislative session launches in Louisiana on February 1 and the regular session runs from March into June. It is time to do ministry at the Capitol. Pray for our Regional Leader Faith Forum, Governor’s Prayer Breakfast, and a National Prayer Breakfast Fellowship Event in Little Rock. Pray for the Legislator’s Bible Study.

Helping Louisiana’s Leaders,




Looking Forward to 2022!

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