It’s Really Happening

Michael & US Senator David Vitter

The mission of GRACE ADVENTURES is to reach out to political, business and spiritual leaders, one leader at a time. As much as possible, I am trying to meet with leaders outside of the conventional church arenas. Pastor types have that covered. I’m trusting God for the highways and byways. Unpioneered ground. I want to meet with the seeker, the confused, the left-out, at times the notorious, the up-and-outer, and the influencers … the leaders who most overlook. The open doors are incredible. I’ve spoken to a wide range of professional societies including lawyers, doctors, state representatives, dentists, writers, business and community leaders. The mission to reach leaders is happening especially in two areas:

1.   Discovering Amazing Grace
There is something about GRACE that when you finally get it … it is truly AMAZING. I’m running in mostly non-churchy circles where people have heard about performance, earning, competing and striving. Many know the world works this way and think that God works this way, too. Leaders are hearing, often for the first time, about grace. When the light bulb turns on … it is awesome to behold. Many say, “I’ve never heard that before.” The spiritual buzz I get from seeing this happen never gets old, never is stale. NEVER.
There are sooo many dead leaders running. Great people, yet running on fumes. People empty, yet thirsty. Sometimes leaders are looking in all the wrong places to quench their thirst. When they encounter the ONE who offers living water … it is a new life … a new energy … a new destiny.
2.   Discovering a New Calling
Recently I said to a businessman, “Most of the people in the Bible that God used were not pastor types or priests, but business people, farmers, soldiers, government workers, fisherman, IRS guys, etc. You are called to be on the frontlines. You are commissioned.” Stunned. Dazed. He never heard that before, but the light bulb was being lit. I’m seeing this week after week. Leaders are getting it. Fishing or whatever may be an occupation, but the people business is to be our preoccupation.
Acts 1:1 speaks of the things Jesus began to do and teach … implying that there is an unfinished work of Jesus … something He started but didn’t finish. This is not the work of redemption. That’s done. Complete. However, the work of discipleship was started and still needs to be finished. God asks us to partner with Him in the UNFINISHED work of discipleship. If Michelangelo finished his sculpture and said to me, “Done, except Michael, here is the chisel, just chip in the nose.” No way, I would ruin the whole thing. If Rembrandt said, “I’ve finished the portrait … Michael, take the brush and paint in the eyes.” No way. I’d ruin it. Yet, God asks us to partner with Him in discipleship and help Him complete the Commission. I say to leaders, “Why can’t the next five years be our very best run? Can’t we run the race with a sprint and hit the tape one day with gusto? Why should we hobble to the finish line? Why go out with a whimper?” Leaders are getting it and being unleashed. Imagine a full-fledged partnership of envisioned, humble business, spiritual and political leaders who are about the Great Commission and Great Commandments.
1.   Pray for the small groups and speaking opportunities that are coming up. Check out the list at Grace Adventures. Three men’s retreats are already scheduled for the fall and two more are possible.
2.   Our state political leaders are in session for the next couple of months. Pray for open doors in Baton Rouge.
3.   Pray for my dad who is recovering from an automobile accident.
4.   Pray I will be bold, courageous and discern what God is doing. Pray this ministry is carried forth by the work of the Spirit and not built upon ego, competition or what can be explained by human ingenuity.
5.   Pray for Donna who carries a huge load in the ministry and in life.
6.   Pray that Jesus, the real Jesus of the Bible, is lifted up and people are drawn to HIM!!
Betting the Farm on God,


P.S.  Pray for our leaders.  Leaders I meet with tell me, “You are the first person who has ever prayed with me or asked me how my family is doing.”
It’s Really Happening

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