Our ministry, Capitol Commission, participated May 6-15th in the “Uniting our Nations and Reconciling our World Global Conference” in Geneva, Switzerland to train leaders to serve as Chaplains for the Gospel in Capitols around the world. Leaders from Africa, Asia and North & South America attended our training workshops to potentially serve full-time in their Capitols. There were thirty-two nations represented including Russia, Ukraine, Nigeria, and Italy. Think of the World Capitols and imagine what a difference it could make to have an ambassador for Christ serving fulltime with Governments and Parliaments. We believe God has given us not only a GREAT COMMISSION but a CAPITOL COMMISSION to reach Kings and those in Government with the truth of Jesus Christ.

This was the Capitol Commission summary report from Brad Harbaugh, President of Capitol Commission. “Our team has taught every seminar we came prepared to teach. Seven sessions. We have found fifteen people in nations that are at the point of developing national ministries. We have also guided them in the baby steps of beginning those ministries. We have witnessed coming out of our Wednesday sessions, four continent groups, Asia, Africa, S. America, and Europe circle up and network organizational structure regarding communication and going forward. We have given out two entire cases of books to Christ Kingdom Commission, English and Spanish version. Our display materials have caught the attention of many world ministry leaders. We see the rise of the international ministry take a stride forward. We have mentored each 2-4 people through the week one on one. There have been key meetings with world leaders. We have walked away with people to mentor via zoom.  We seek God’s face regarding our next step in training and God seems to be connecting dots to do more extensive teaching in Kenya, Rwanda, and Zambia. All Glory to God! We lift all this up to the Lord asking Him to bear fruit on the nations!”

There was a moving moment where a Ukrainian pastor and Russian pastor prayed together as brothers. A dynamic speaker from Nigeria shared the gospel as he distributed ten million shoes to those without shoes around the world through his ministry Samaritan’s Shoes. He challenged us to step out in faith where God leads. I enjoyed spending some time with the Vice President of Angola.

Pray for These Upcoming Big Events:

  • Louisiana Legislative Session – April 10-June 8: Bible studies and ministry at the Capitol in Baton Rouge resumes.
  • Leadership St. Tammany Retreat – May 27, Solomon Retreat Center
  • Officers’ Christian Fellowship Weeklong Retreat – June 30-July 7: Teaching daily at White Sulphur Springs Conference Center in Pennsylvania
  • Forcey Bible Church 90th Anniversary – September 22-24: Speaking at the Saturday Missions Breakfast and at a Saturday Workshop
  • Holy Land Trip – February 24-March 4, 2024: The trip is full. Get on the list for the next trip.


                                               Prayed in the Senate Chamber
Mandeville National Day of Prayer
Local Pastors with Mandeville Mayor
African Leaders
Prayed at Hope House Breakfast
Capitol Commission Colleagues



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