Great Free Tool to Use in the Battle!!

What a blessing and privilege to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in the great state of Louisiana and beyond! At Grace Adventures we strive to initiate a movement for Christ in the political, business and spiritual arena and we are confident countless others are with us or will become with us in this endeavor.

The battle for truth rages on in the United States, with the political and cultural “high ground” going to the adversary too much of the time. The church has often responded with fear, isolation or political rhetoric. This strategy has produced mixed results at best. Jesus ushered in a spiritual kingdom and intensified the battle for truth that can’t be fought with the weapons or strategies of this fallen world. Only His gospel can change people from the inside out. The cause of Christ is not primarily advanced by changing laws but by making disciples. We have been given a great and grand commission to make disciples … and a strong part of the commission is to go specifically to Kings and all who are in authority (Acts 9:15, 1 Timothy 2:1-4). My ministry is to make disciples particularly at this leader level.

I recently heard a state senator say the feedback he receives runs 1000 negative comments for every one positive. He said if he ever gets a positive comment he prints and saves it. It is rare anyone ever says they are praying for him. Many officials have told me they have never had someone come and pray for them or ask how their spouse and kids are doing. This can change. A true renewal of God’s grace and truth is needed in our dear land.

I would like to strategically invite you to minister smack in the middle of the political arena.

Here’s how! Would you consider committing to pray for your elected leaders just as the Apostle Paul taught in 1Timothy 2:1-4, “that … prayers … be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority. I have a free tool that has helped me tremendously and I encourage you to try it. You too can faithfully pray for the elected leaders in your state weekly or daily. Simply go to, click on your state, and then click weekly or daily. You will receive the names, pictures and contact information for six of your state officials to pray for. What a tool!

Let me know if you try!!

Prayer Requests:

Love for God (Mark 12:30)

“Pray, then that the supreme motivation for obedience to the call of Christ in all that we do is love for Him.”

Genuine Love For Others (Mark 12:31)
“May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else.” (I Thess. 3:12a)

Fruit of The Spirit (Galatians 5:22,23)
Pray that the fruit of the Spirit, the very beauty of Jesus, will be evident in our life.

Wisdom and Knowledge (James 1:5)
Pray we will be granted this wisdom and will be filled with the knowledge of His will and understanding when establishing priorities, facing decisions, and solving problems.

Courage (Ephesians 6:19)
Pray that we will have the courage to boldly share the truth of the Gospel regardless of possible opposition and rejection.

Disciples (Matthew 28:19a)
Pray that we will experience the joy of guiding others to salvation, and “teaching them to obey everything Christ commanded them.”

Upcoming Trips
Pray for me as I lead teams of leaders to a training event with apologist Lee Strobel in Dallas and the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC

Betting the Farm on God,

Great Free Tool to Use in the Battle!!

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