America, Be Careful!

I had the incredible experience at the National Prayer Breakfast to hear the inspiring story of four Rwandan national leaders who lived through the genocide in their nation in the early 1990’s. One million people lost their lives in a three-month period. Most who died had their heads hacked off with machetes. Women were gang raped and homes were burned to the ground. They could not bury that many bodies, so corpses were stacked sometimes 20 feet high. Dogs consumed the human flesh. Eventually, the killing stopped, but human devices could not bring a peace. The women talked about a life-giving process of repentance, forgiveness, and justice.

A few years back I heard the First Lady of Rwanda give a sober analysis of the three-step spiral that led to this genocide. It is instructive for our situation in American culture.

  1. The people went from referring to themselves as Rwandans to Hutu and Tutsis – the two big tribes.
  2. Each group adopted a Divide and Conquer Mentality … demonizing the other side.
  3. Each side allowed hate to spew without checking it in their own camp. Eventually it took some people over the edge, and they did the unthinkable. Ordinary young men took the heads off even their favorite next door neighbor lady. Imagine this stark reality.

Then she asked this question: In your country could you be perpetuating genocide … killing not with machetes but with words and have the unthinkable happen one day? Wow … what a apropos question. I was stabbed to the core of my heart. Mail bombs, shootings, hate speech, intimidation, lack of civility, bullying and violence is never, ever acceptable.

The First Lady said, “We thought of ourselves as a Christian nation and did not think this could ever happen to us.” Do we think the same thing?

The four women leaders shared the good news of what God has done in their lives and nation. They said that after the genocide the nation went through a national process of Repentance and Reconciliation and a spiritual awakening occurred that brought transformation and much unity in the country. Their economy is thriving. Crime is low. Women serve in over 60% of the seats in Government. Corruption in Government is low.

We all can choose to be part of the solution rather than be part of the problem. God help us so that we do not through our own genocide. We need a revolution of civility and our own spiritual awakening. Without being right with God we will never be right with each other. Thank you to these courageous leaders of Rwanda for being servant faith leaders and honoring God above all else.

Prayer Requests for Important Upcoming Events

  1. March 21st – 7:30am-8:30 am. LEADER FAITH FORUM at the Chapel in Covington. Open to the community. This will be a time of Prayer and Scripture Reading led by elected leaders and pastors. All are welcome. We have room for three hundred people.
  2. March 26th – 5pm. PRAYER AT CAPITOL. Churches and the community are invited to pray on the steps of the Capitol in Baton Rouge. All are welcome.
  3. March 31st – 6:30pm. RESCUE NEW ORLEANS. Dinner to educate and combat sex-trafficking.
  4. April 18thGovernor’s Prayer Breakfast in Baton Rouge. Table Sponsorships and individual tickets are available at LA Governor’s Prayer Breakfast. We sold out a month early last year. Pray for me as I am the chairman of this event.
  5. May 8-12th – A team from Capitol Commission will be speaking and training at the PARLEMENTO & FAITH CONFERENCE in Geneva, Switzerland to prepare leaders to be chaplains in national capitols around the world.
  6. April 10-June 8thLOUISIANA LEGISLATIVE SESSION at the Capitol and Legislative Bible Study.
  7. February 24-March 4, 2024. HOLY LAND TRIP. I figure the trip is about half full after the first few weeks of minimal advertising. $100 down saves a spot. Space is limited as I am only taking one bus load of pilgrims. Let me know if you are interested or want more information.

A Few Pictures

U.S. Congressman, Steve Scalise
U.S. Congressman Mike Johnson
Part of the Louisiana Delegation to the                                National Prayer Breakfast



America, Be Careful!

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