A Short Pick-Me-Up for you Today: The Spectacular Virtue of Faithfulness

It’s easy to admire the spectacular … swoon at the magnificent … applaud the remarkable and bask in the glorious. However, I’ve been meditating this month on the value of simple faithfulness. Recently, I read David McCullough’s book The Wright Brothers. Orville and Wilbur were anything but an overnight sensation. After years of faithful plodding, Orville flew 120 feet and stayed aloft for 12 seconds. Orville and Wilbur’s nephew reflected on his famous uncles’ years of obscurity and trial and error, “History was happening in those moments, there in their shop and in their home, but I didn’t realize it at the time because it seemed so commonplace.”  Bingo … the invention process that has reshaped the world seemed so commonplace … it was just Uncle Wilbur and Orville tinkering.

I’m learning that almost any success in bigger things takes years of commitment in small things. Slow and steady usually wins the race. Legacies aren’t built in a day but in small, steady steps. Faithfulness counts. Faithfulness matters in marriages, jobs, parenting, friendship and Kingdom endeavors.

For a month now I have been marveling at the faithfulness of the Prophet Samuel. I admit he had a few highlights in his life. As a kid, he uttered the famous words, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening,” Nice job Samuel! He doesn’t appear again in Scripture until he is mature and calling people to repentance. A revival, of sorts, comes. Once again, nice job Samuel. You expect more epic mountaintop events, but you discover the text says, “Samuel grew old.” Where did life go? What happened over all those decades? Two verses give a hint, “Samuel continues as Israel’s leader all the days of his life. From year to year he went on a circuit from Bethel to Gilgal to Mizpah, judging Israel in all those places.”

No spectacular victories, no parting of the seas, no miraculous events. Just a circuit of faithfulness. Year after year. Month after month. Making the rounds. Spiritual direction. Shepherding the flock. Discernment. Into his 40’s…50’s…60’s. Same thing. Same places. Boredom. Monotony. Repetition. No one memorizes these verses yet faithfulness, steadiness and consistency win the day. I want to be like Samuel. I want to keep showing up. I want to be faithful. Don’t you?

Prayers and Praise

Prayer before 4th of July Celebration

I am thankful for so many people who faithfully care for, support and pray for Donna and me. We couldn’t do what we do without friends. It is not our ministry but the ministry of many to enable the person of Jesus to be introduced to leaders. Thank-you faithful Partners.

With Leaders at the Capitol
Lunch at the Governor’s House

I am thankful for the work of transformation in leader’s lives. Just this week, a man told me of a huge breakthrough of an addiction and stronghold through the Bible Study. A powerful encounter of forgiveness and letting go occurred. Only God. This morning I found delight in a next-step of discipleship that a leader chose. Bible studies and one-on-ones have been good.

Opportunities to preach, speak in the community and retreats have come. Visit our website to see the schedule. If you know of an opportunity please let me know. Most opportunities come through friends opening a door for me.

Pray for Congressman Steve Scalise

Continue to pray for Congressman Steve Scalise who is has been released from the hospital but is now in long-term rehabilitation.

Helping Louisiana’s Leaders,

A Short Pick-Me-Up for you Today: The Spectacular Virtue of Faithfulness

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