October 2019

As you know, Capitol Commission Louisiana/Grace Adventures exists to be a life-changing, Jesus-centered voice among leaders, especially elected leaders in Government. We connect and build trust relationships with political leaders for the purpose of sharing the Gospel, prayer and discipleship. There is so much to do as Government is one of the most influential yet underserved mission fields in the world. Our commitment is to continue our intentional outreach and invest relationally in influencers, both to those who have personal faith and those who don’t.

This past month has been the height of election season in Louisiana with October 12 being election day. October 13 bought to some the thrill of victory, to others the agony of defeat and still to others, another month of campaigning before a head-to-head runoff. My job … in a world where unconditional love and trust are rare … is to bring a consistent presence and safe place wherever the person is on their journey and faithfully point them to the Never Changing and Trustworthy One. Many are asking life’s big questions and searching for ways to better connect with God. The Lord orchestrates opportunity after opportunity. It is so exciting when the light bulb goes on and leaders get the truth of serving a different Kingdom and a different King.

Prayer and Praise

  1. Pray I have wisdom in providing biblical centered counsel to leaders navigating various personal and professional issues.
  2. Pray leaders grow to practice statesmanship and excellence in their calling and exemplify strong Christ-like character and lifestyle, flooding into their spheres of influence. This impact on our culture could be world changing.
  3. Pray leaders truly grasp their story as part of a bigger story that answers the big questions of life – “Why are we here?” “What’s wrong?” “What’s the remedy?” “How will it end?”.
  4. A group I work with has been attacked and mischaracterized to put it mildly. The leaders are responding in an incredibly gracious way. Pray good comes out of the bad.
  5. Mother Teresa was asked many times, “How can we pray for you?” Her answer was, “Please pray that my ministry to the poor does not hinder my intimacy with Jesus.” I ask the same prayer. Mark 3:14 puts the “With Him” before the “Send them.”


Lunch with US Senator Kennedy

This month included various speaking opportunities.

Reconnecting with my friend, Steve.

National Prayer Breakfast Meeting

One of the many election debates

Helping Louisiana’s Leaders,


October 2019

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