2020 … Here We Go!

Our 2020 is off and running. At Capitol Commission Louisiana/Grace Adventures our ministry does not have a political agenda. We focus on building relationships with leaders on both sides of the aisle to bring gospel hope and spiritual strength. We desire to see a movement of people centered on Jesus and seek to equip leaders to put Him first in every aspect of their lives. It is “For Such a Time as This” that we are Betting the Farm on God.

Election Season

In Louisiana we are just over a rough and tumble election season which involves walking with some winners and losers. There is ministry on each side of the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. I have immense respect for the men and women who put themselves out there for public office in today’s climate. Opportunities have abounded from speaking opportunities to preaching, to one-on-one, to being asked to pray at many community events during this political season.

Parish President Mike Cooper

Officers Christian Fellowship (OCF)

From December 30th – January 3rd, it was my joy to teach military officers and families about the person of Jesus Christ at Officers Christian Fellowship’s White Sulphur Springs (WSS) Conference Center in Pennsylvania. OCF is an extraordinary organization that builds Christian military leaders, families, fellowships … for a lifetime. They meet many of our nation’s choice leaders at the intersection of faith, family and vocation. Military Officers were present from West Point, the Naval Academy, Pentagon, and across the country while some were returning from overseas assignments or retired from years of service.

I ponder how much I truly owe these folks. What they are willing to do and what their families are willing to endure and risk so we can enjoy freedom is beyond what I can imagine. Much of what they do can’t and won’t be publicized and they will never be thanked sufficiently. Their mission is essential, and I salute them.

Teaching at OCF

Opportunities Abound

Please be in prayer for a series of open doors in the next few weeks:

  1. Co-lead Louisiana delegation to the National Prayer Breakfast February 4th-8th
  2. Appointments with U.S. Senators and House Members February 4th
  3. Preaching at Northshore Bible January 26th
  4. Finalizing the plan for the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast with speaker U.S. Senate Chaplain Barry Black. Tickets available at http://www.lagpb.org.

Family News

Christmas was a special time with the family and a sweet season with our little grand kids. We had four generations together for Christmas, and on the way to teach in Pennsylvania we saw Donna’s family, my brother’s family and the Forcey Bible Church family.

Helping Louisiana’s Leaders,

Parish President Inauguration
Rev. Elmo Winters, the Kingdom Group Racial Reconciliation
Forcey Bible Church
Officers Christian Fellowship – White Sulphur Springs, PA


2020 … Here We Go!

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