Where Joy, Sorrow, $2 Billion, and Prayer Collide

2016 Prayer BreakfastDonna and I helped lead the Louisiana group to the annual National Prayer Breakfast last week. These breakfasts have continued annually since the days of President Eisenhower 64 years ago. The purpose is to pray for leaders of nations in the spirit of the life, death, resurrection, message and teaching of Jesus. The U.S. Senate hosts one year and the House of Representatives the next. A Two-Star General opened in prayer and Heisman Trophy winner Derrick Henry wrapped up saying, “Lord, I pray for my generation You will do things through us that will change the world.” Amen.

I had many divine appointments and meetings with leaders at the Breakfast and also had the opportunity to meet with our Louisiana Senators and House Leaders. Over 150 countries were represented at the prayer breakfast. I am always super encouraged to hear firsthand how the Gospel is going out in countries around the world. You will never hear about most of this on television or in the paper, but the Kingdom of God is advancing.

Grace Adventures/Capitol Commission Louisiana has completed a major redesign of our website. Our goal was to:

1. Display more clearly the purposes, depth and breadth of our focus on reaching leaders.
2. Provide more resources to equip, educate and encourage.
3. Enhance the Blog capabilities for wider communication and interaction.
4. Build a website that could easily be viewed on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.

Please help by Perusing our New Website!!

1. Visit our new website at www.capitolcommissionlouisiana.org
2. Meander through the pages.
3. Sign up for the Monthly Update and Blogposts if you aren’t currently receiving these by email.

Here we go again! The regular Legislative Session in Louisiana will run fromIMG_3052 March to June. However, this year the challenging condition of our State has necessitated a Preliminary Special Session to take care of a $750 million current year budget shortfall. The regular Session will address many issues including an additional $1.9 billion shortfall in the next budget cycle. These are serious times that require serious leadership. Once again I will be leading the Thursday morning House of Representatives Bible Study and Bible Study for Lobbyists and Administration. I plan on being in Baton Rouge much of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for the coming four months. Pray!

If you have not heard the news … our first grandchild was born on January 4, 2016! We are more than delighted.

My family and I have experienced broken-heartedness over the loss of my 21-year-old niece. She has always been Beloved, Wonderful, Delightful and Precious. Please pray for my brother and his family. For the last 24 years I have read Psalm 90 on December 31 which says in part, “Teach us Lord to number our days that we may present to Thee a heart of wisdom.” There is not much you can really count on in this world but I have found I can count on these:

1. Life is short. Eternity is long.
2. Jesus is enough.
3. God paints on a canvas bigger than I can see or imagine.
4. God’s plans rarely mirror mine.
5. God offers me a daily relationship, not a blueprint.
6. There is no pit so deep that Jesus is not deeper still
7. Jesus is the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Him will live even if he dies.
8. In Him, we do not go from the land of the living to the land of the dying, but go from the land of the dying to the land of the living.
9. God is near the broken-hearted and saves those crushed in spirit

So even though sad … I choose to bet the farm on God … my hope and strength.

Betting the Farm on God,


Where Joy, Sorrow, $2 Billion, and Prayer Collide

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