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Religious Liberties Roundtable Invitation

Religious freedom is one of the most pressing
and controversial issue in our world and nation today

Capitol Commission is excited to bring you a live discussion with Sam Brownback, United States Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom, to discuss this topic, “Is Your Religious Freedom at Risk?” 

On September 1, Ambassador Brownback will present the most current information on the battle lines of religious freedom. I am honored to serve on the Roundtable discussion with the Ambassador, Legislators and State Chaplains.

Share this with your family, friends, business associates, small group, church. You will not want to miss this special roundtable discussion.

Here is the link to view the event on September 1 at 7pm CT/ET: https://youtu.be/__886poz-co

America has a heart problem. That problem can only be solved
by God’s people turning back to God and then demonstrating
that gospel 
by following and being like Jesus to all in our circle of influence. 

He Changed My Life Movement Invitation

For the past ten weeks I have been working with a team of six others to plan a New Orleans Faith Movement called, “HE CHANGED MY LIFE.” The “HE” is Jesus. Here are the reasons this movement exists:

  1. To spark conversations
  2. To give resources and encouragement
  3. To give a springboard to share your own story
  4. To connect you with other believers in your community
  5. To create a simple way of spreading the good news of Christ

We are days away from launching this movement and I will share how each of you can be involved. The secret … it will only take 4 seconds of your time to make a difference. I would like to ask a bunch of you to pray that whatever God directs in this movement will ripple to hearts and minds across our community and country. The exciting thing is that teenagers, children, seniors and everyone one else can contribute four seconds of time. Stay tuned and please … would you join me in prayer.

Training and Preaching Invitation

October 25 – Bridge Bible Church, Los Angeles, California, preaching

October 31 – Iron Sharpen Iron Men’s Saturday Conference, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

My Bible Studies on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are open to all

June 25-July 2, 2021 – Officer’s Christian Fellowship Retreat, White Sulphur Springs, PA

September 30-October 9, 2021 – Israel Trip Re-scheduled

Prayer Invitation

  1. The old saying is that there are two topics human beings shouldn’t discuss in public. One is religion, and the other is politics. It so happens that these are the two spheres I’m involved in. Pray that I conduct myself with wisdom and depend upon the power of the Spirit of God.
  2. Pray for our leaders and nation in this election cycle.

Helping Louisiana’s Leaders,

Opportunities for You

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