What do we do at Capitol Commission?

Sometimes I get asked, “What do you do? What is Capitol Commission?

What Do We Do?

Capitol Commission Louisiana is a trusted voice of faith to leaders, particularly leaders in elected office and the Capitol community. We are relationally invested in caring for those working in government with the message of Jesus Christ. Dr. Michael Sprague is the Louisiana State Chaplain with the Capitol Commission and President of Grace Adventures http://www.capitolcommissionlouisiana.org. Michael is engaged in relational outreach and discipleship, teaching, coaching, writing, and speaking. He serves as a “non-political” friend to people in the halls of leadership. He loves to help people get to know the Jesus of the Scriptures.

Our Mission Field

Our mission field includes redemptive friendships with Legislators, Judges, State and Local Government leaders, staffers, journalists, political operatives, non-profit and church entrepreneurs, military leaders, and business leaders. This is one of the most influential mission fields on the planet.

Amidst a hostile culture, Jesus chose to “dwell among them” and embody the love, truth, grace righteousness of the Kingdom of God in plain sight. This is the approach we endeavor to follow.

Our Methodology

Capitol Commission has an ongoing ministry of PRESENCE, PRAYER, and PROCLAMATION in the Capitol Community and beyond. We build trust filled relationships with public servants. We enter into one-on-one confidential conversations that not only provide valued professional insights but also provide pathways that spark a work of redemption and transformation in their personal lives. Small group Bible studies are every day of the week except Saturday, some weekly, some monthly.

Our ministry culture says, “I care for you with no strings attached. When we enter a place of influence, we do not see the chair of authority they sit in … we see them! We want God’s best for each leader.”

Our Sphere of Engagement

Statewide – We engage at the State Capitol with our elected leaders especially when they are in Session. Group gatherings include Bible Studies, Governor’s Prayer Breakfast, National Day of Prayer.

Regionally – We gather in regional monthly Leader Faith Forums and occasional prayer breakfasts.

Nationally – We connect with our Senators and Representatives from Louisiana in Washington D.C. and help lead the Louisiana Delegation to the National Prayer Breakfast.

Internationally – We serve the Parlemento & Faith as their training arm to train chaplains to serve full-time in National Capitols around the world. We attempt to lead an annual group of pilgrims to the Holy Land.

Our Message

Our message simply is JESUS. Our interest is not for people to love RELIGION but to love JESUS. Our focus is not so much to get people to heaven but to get people to a personal relationship with God through Jesus and then heaven gets thrown in as a bonus. We cannot fix anyone, but we can bring people to the real Jesus and allow him to do what we could never do — transform a human life.

Our Multiplication

We desire to pass the baton to public servants embedded in the community and government who will not curse the darkness but bring the light. Having caught the “Capitol Commission” they will reflect the life-giving truth of Jesus in capitol chambers, offices, committee rooms, and press conferences as well as back home with their families and neighbors.

Prayer Requests

  1. We praise God for his provision for us over the past 12 years and particularly this year. The ministry was $18,000 behind going into December and God provided through generous supporters what was needed for the expenses for the year. Praise God.
  2. At the end of the month we will lead a Louisiana delegation to Washington D.C. for the National Day of Prayer Gathering. I will meet with many of our Washington elected officials and leaders from around the room. The King of Jordan and the First Lady of Ukraine are scheduled to attend this year. Opportunities will abound for redemptive conversations. Pray because much is broken.
  3. I serve as chairman of our Governor’s Prayer Breakfast. This is crunch time to put the program together and have people sponsor tables. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing a ticket or follow this link: http://www.lagpb.org

Helping Louisiana’s Leaders,

What do we do at Capitol Commission?

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