Secret Disciples

I marvel how Secret Disciples can suddenly come out of the shadows, and we are still talking about them to this day. Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus were the two members of the Sanhedrin I was considering. They boldly asked Pilate for Jesus’ body. Joseph of Arimathea had no idea he was merely loaning out his tomb for the weekend. Did you ever think about how much Jesus loves to use borrowed stuff? He used a borrowed feeding trough. He used a borrowed boat … coin … boat … lunchbox … donkey … garden … upper room, and he used a borrowed tomb for three days. Do you have anything you can let Jesus borrow today?

Joseph and Nicodemus may have been Secret Disciples for a while but when crunch time came the well-known disciples were hiding while these two were making Kingdom history. The old saying goes, “Christians are like teabags, you don’t truly know what is in them until they are put in hot water.” Who am I to blast a Secret Disciple if God did not? You never know when someone is moving from fear to faith … cowardly to courageous.

This reminds me of something that occurred at the National Prayer Breakfast a few years back. I started attending in 2000 and the stories are endless. On this occasion, Steve Largent, NFL star and Representative from Oklahoma, was speaking to several thousand people. In the middle of his talk, a man from the audience came up on stage and stood next to him. Steve didn’t quite know what to do so he just kept going and finished his talk. He then turned to the guy and said, “Did you want to say something?” The man said, “I’m a Rabbi. A guy from my synagogue came to the National Prayer Breakfast last year and came home so changed, I had to come and see what this breakfast gathering was all about. When you were speaking tonight, I have come to meet Jesus and I believe he would want me to tell you. I know it will cost me my job. It may cost me my wife.” He went home and got fired from his job and his wife left him for a time. He met not a RELIGION but a PERSON and it changed his life.

Thank you again for those who come out of the shadows and are Secret Disciples no more.

Crunch Time at the Capitol
There are two weeks to go in the 2024 Legislative Session. After two Special Sessions and the Regular Session, I can tell you everyone is weary. The toughest decisions arrive at the end. These are the days leaders often approach me for extra prayer. Divine appointments come. Spiritual work happens as the Spirit of God moves in our midst. Pray we all finish strong, and God is glorified at the Capitol and among our leaders.

Pray for these Special Events

  • Speaking National Day of Prayer – May 10
  • Leadership St. Tammany Retreat – May 25
  • Colson Fellows Conference – May 31-June 2
  • Speaking Wisconsin Men’s Group Zoom – June 6
  • Officers’ Christian Fellowship Retreat – June 28-July 5 in PA
  • Covington Kiwanis Club – July 12

A Few Pictures

Praying at the Children’s Advocacy Center – Hope House
National Prayer Breakfast Gathering, Kansas
Meeting with the Governor
LA National Day of Prayer Proclamation
In the Chamber with the Speaker of the House
Antisemitism Rally





Secret Disciples

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