Pinching Myself in 2012

“Devote yourself to prayer … praying … that God may open up to us a door for the word, so that we may speak forth the mystery of Christ.” (Colossians 4:2-3)
Some of you are PRAYING BIG on our behalf, because God has opened up incredible doors this month. I began the New Year committed to visiting our state leaders, praying with them and offering the opportunity to start a small group Bible study if they were interested. Here’s how I start, “I don’t want one penny from you, I don’t want any favors, I’m not here to tell you how to vote, I don’t have an agenda, and I don’t want to be another pain in your backside.” I tell the leader about Grace Adventures and my conviction that every leader needs to connect to Jesus Christ, the wisdom of the Scriptures, and have a supportive group of friends because if they don’t, leaders often turn into the people they don’t want to be by little rationalizations and slippage. If they don’t have a group, I offer to facilitate one for them. From here I will see what doors God opens. I thank God for:
1.   An opportunity to speak at a retreat for many of our newly elected state officials. When I looked at the invitation, I saw that the speakers listed for the retreat were Gov. Bobby Jindal, Mayor Mitch Landrieu of New Orleans, the head of the New Orleans Hornets and a Senate leader and me. I was pinching myself. Only God. I had an hour to speak to thirty-three of our 105 state representatives about creating space for God and tending to their souls. I used King Solomon as our political case study.
2.   I contacted the Chaplain of the Louisiana House of Representatives about doing an internship with him when the March-May session is in full session in Baton Rouge. He will take my name to the Speaker to inquire about the possibility. PRAY.
3.   I met with a mayor and he desires for me to help him put together a prayer breakfast.

4.   Donna and I participated in the National Prayer Breakfast this past week. What an honor. Jesus is doing things behind the scenes that you would never read about in the paper. On Wednesday night, we had the privilege of having a meal and praying with our United States Senator Vitter. Thursday we got to visit the office of our United States Congressman Steve Scalise and pray with him. Only God. Pray for our leaders. The Bible calls us to do this in 1Timothy 2:1-4. Beyond this, the halls of power are amongst the loneliest anywhere. These leaders have families and needs like all of us. Pray for revival, renewal and 2 Chronicles 7:14. It was fun in Washington to get to meet others like RG3 (Robert Griffin, III, the Baylor Heisman trophy winner in college football), Anne Graham Lotz, political leaders, and to be near the President.

5.   I continue to lead the many weekly Bible studies, meetings with community and business leaders, and encourage missionaries and pastors. Interesting speaking engagements have come like speaking to the literary society, legal society, Impact University, two men’s breakfasts and a men’s retreat. My book DISASTER: Betting the Farm on God in Life’s Storms is opening doors as well.
As you can tell…it has been quite a month. I am still pinching myself. God is good. My desire is to lift Jesus up and see leaders drawn to HIM. I desire to communicate REAL FAITH and not PHONY RELIGIOSITY. I want people to personally know the REAL JESUS. The One who was so compelling and dangerous they had to kill Him. The One who was scandalous, who said outrageous things, who was accused of nearly everything, who was railed against and is the enemy of dead religion. The One who died on old timber 2000 years ago in an obscure part of the world and has impacted everyone’s destiny. The One who is still available for all to know.
How can you pray for us? Pray the Colossians passage at the top of the letter. Pray our ministry will be successful like the rabbit on the left. There is weariness when we slip into performance driven, formula-style, man-centered cravings for success. There is freedom and fruitfulness in abiding in Jesus and letting Him bring real fruit that abides. Jesus is the Adventure, the Life and the Way!!!
Betting the Farm on God,
P.S. I thank God for every one of you. You are partners in ministry and my friends. There is much delight Donna and I experience because of you!!!!!
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Pinching Myself in 2012

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