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The Trinity is not Father, Son and Holy Bible but Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Oh how we need to surrender to and lean into the person of the Holy Spirit. Sure…He is a little mysterious and unpredictable…He’s God after all. He is up to things and doesn’t ask our permission or advice. He meets us where we are yet doesn’t leave us where He found us. If we think things will end badly He reminds us it’s not the ultimate end. When we pray in the dark He always hears. He always leads us to the mind of Christ. He never puts the spotlight on Himself but shines it on Jesus. When we hear voices of condemnation, He reminds us it’s not His voice but the voice of the enemy. I love it when He brings the fresh invitation to drink deeply of Abba and makes a way out of no way. He gives us enough buoyancy to keep our head above water and is the wind to move us forward.

Yes, I’m thankful for the one as a child we called the Holy Ghost.
May He flair up and do His good ghosty stuff. We all need Him.Oh, how we really need Him today.

12,000 Prayer Bracelets Distributed

The Governor’s Prayer Breakfast team has passed out 12,000 “Pray for Louisiana” bracelets. Our heart is that these bracelets serve as a reminder to pray for the people and leaders of our state according to 1 Timothy 2:1-4. Many Legislators and leaders are wearing them.

Legislative Session

The Legislative Session has resumed, and the Legislators Bible Study has started.

National Day of Prayer Event

I was asked to MC the National Day of Prayer Event in our area on Thursday May 7th via Zoom. Police Chief Gerald Sticker, Mayor Donald Villere, Pastors Waylon Bailey from First Baptist Church, Tony LaGamba from Church of the King, Paul Smith from Life Church and Fr. Mark Lomax from Our Lady of the Lake participated. Louisiana Treasurer John Schroder, Sr. was the keynote speaker.

Prayer with the Governor

I was privileged to join the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast team in praying with Governor John Bel Edwards and First Lady Donna Edwards. Thank you, Governor Edwards, for proclaiming May 7th as the Louisiana Day of Prayer. These are epic days to pray together for our country and community.

God, Government and Gospel Event

It was a joy to partner with Pastor Mike Foster in a Live Round Table with the Forcey Bible Church family. What a great topic in these important times.

Bible Studies

All my Bible Studies have resumed on Zoom. Attendance is better than ever.


My calling is to introduce leaders to Jesus and help them live out the teachings of Jesus. Pray for wisdom and open doors.

Helping Louisiana’s Leaders,


Open Doors and More

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