New Ministry at the Capitol

The Louisiana Senate and House of Representatives have been in session for the last eight weeks. They will finish up after the first week of June.  I’ve been spending three days a week in Baton Rouge at the Capitol. My days are filled with appointments, prayer, Bible study, new contacts, listening and caring, and availability for Divine appointments. The House of Representatives Bible study has launched, the beginnings of a Bible study for Lobbyists, and Lord willing another new Bible study will begin after session. Every day when I get up I say, “Jesus you are going to be busy today. Can I come along with You in your work?” It is a joy to partner with Jesus in the unfinished work of the Capitol Commission.

I am convinced that one of the keys to accomplish the Great Commission and see revitalization in our land is to engage in the Capitol Commission. My main purpose is not to lobby for legislation (as important as that is) but to reach legislators for Christ, pray for them and build them up in the faith. Stronger believers will increasingly vote right on the issues as they discern God’s leadings and wisdom.

I believe the Apostle Paul and others heard this calling to reach Kings through a Capitol Commission (Acts 9:15, 1 Tim. 2:1-4, Acts 1:1, Luke 1:3, Acts 23:11, 27:23, Rom. 15:23-24, Ps. 119:46, Isa. 60:11,

2 Chron. 32:31) and “turned the world upside down” (Acts 17:6). The early leaders did this without printing presses, radio, television, internet, social media and with little money and a lot of persecution. It was a work of God!  Pray that in every state in the U.S. God would generate a movement amongst governing authorities at Federal, State, City, Parish and County levels that will change the direction of a whole nation.

1. Last month I shared with you that I had the privilege to help put together the National Day of Prayer event at the Capitol on May 2. Gov. Jindal, public officials, the media, pastors and the public made their way into the Senate Chamber at noon. The Governor shared a proclamation and a variety of leaders lifted the nation up in prayer.

2. God has opened up incredible doors of opportunity.

3. Our daughter in law, Patricia, graduated with her Master’s degree in Speech Pathology. What a joy to see her smile on that special day.

4. Praise for Scott who trusted Jesus and is filling in for me teaching Bible when I have to be in another place. He is a sponge when it comes to the Bible and is passing on what he is learning. More doors will open for this natural communicator and disciple.


1. Pray for our governing officials as they serve. I have met many servant leaders in our LA House of Representatives. I get an insider look and have found Representatives in our state work for little pay, long hours, have to keep businesses and families going back home, and many have to live away from home for much of nine weeks. This week is the culmination of the session and the toughest issues are left until last. Please pray for wisdom, strength and a good success on issues critical to our community. Pray for Governor Jindal, the Senate and especially for the members of the House of Representatives.

2. After session ends, Donna and I will take off for the East Coast to do some speaking. One important event is eight days at the Officer’s Christian Fellowship Retreat Center in White Sulphur Springs, PA where I will speak each day and Donna and I will be available to meet with Officers and their spouses one-on-one. Many will have recently returned from Afghanistan and are looking to transition back into family life. They have been dealing with deployments, marital strain, stress and loneliness, re-integration issues, etc. These leaders are national treasures and heroes. Pray they have a great week of revitalization, family time and spiritual replenishment.

3. Pray for my five Business leaders Bible studies and appointments throughout the week in New Orleans and on the Northshore.

4. My Dad has been back in the hospital. I look forward to visiting my parents on Father’s Day weekend!

June Speaking Schedule:

June 16th
Gaines Congregational Church
Ridge Rd., Gaines, NY
11:00am, Preaching

June 21-28
Officer’s Christian Fellowship
White Sulphur Springs Retreat

Bedford, PA (Speaking Daily)

June 29th
Forcey Bible Church Men’s Brunch
Silver Spring, MD 20904


June 29th
Trinity Bible Church
Fredericksburg, VA
Missions Weekend Conference

June 30, 2013
Trinity Bible Church
Fredericksburg, VA


New Ministry at the Capitol

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