My Prayer and Hope for Those Suffering

By now everyone has heard of the monster storm Ida that hit us on the 16th anniversary of Katrina. For my friends around the country who are wondering how close we were to the Hurricane … the finger points to where we live.

Many people have gone through so much lately … grief, depression, COVID, job loss, family struggles, National heartache, etc. Now Ida has brought flooding, power outages and much tree damage to homes and businesses.

St. Tammany Parish and Mandeville had a lot of damage. Our electricity was out for a week, but we had the power of the Holy Spirit. Lots of limbs were down and our fence was mostly destroyed. The house was untouched. We are very thankful!!

9-21 Hurricane Ida

We see homes in many places that were hit hard from wind and water damage. Thankfully, there was little loss of life.

People are pitching in everywhere. Churches are cranking out food, water, love, helping hands and the gospel. Our elected leaders are exhausting themselves doing their part. I love working with people of good will and good faith to rebuild homes and lives. Thank you for praying and caring for us and the people in Ida’s path.

9-21 Hurricane Ida9-21 Hurricane Ida

It is amazing what a small platoon of friends can knock out in two hours before church service. It is fun being the Church!


For those hard hit we remember and pray for you. We ache over the brokenness, pain, tears, weariness, devastation and displacement you are experiencing.

We pray for one more shining season where people act heroically, where the church is truly the church, volunteerism is off the charts, walls and barriers come down and neighbors are neighborly.

During tough times we find out what we are made of and we often discover… you don’t really know Jesus is all you need, until Jesus is all you’ve got and then you discover experientially He is all you need. We often ask God for strength to achieve but are given weakness that we might learn to obey. We were afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed but not despairing; struck down but not destroyed. We were among people most richly blessed.

The people of Louisiana stand together. Jesus is present. When you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you.



Imagine a group of campers are lost in the woods at dusk. Everyone knows the group has to travel North to get home, but everyone disagrees which way is North. Everyone has an opinion.

One thing is for sure, the guy with the compass does not keep his mouth shut for fear of seeming intolerant or opinionated. TRUTH DEMANDS HE SPEAK UP.

The same is true in our world. There are lots of opinions, but the guys and gals with the compass must speak up. TRUTH AND LOVE DEMAND THIS.

God’s Word is our compass. Which way is North? Jesus is our True North. So listen, my friends. Let’s keep our eyes fixed on Him. As we keep our eyes, heart, mind and life headed in that direction, we will be fine. Wake up each morning and head that way and take as many people with you as you can.

As we go, we check our Compass and speak the truth in love. People will say, “That isn’t North” but we don’t waver because the compass points to True North.

Remember, it’s Truth & Love. Truth minus love is mean. Love minus truth is meaningless. Truth + Love = Influence! TRUTH AND LOVE DEMAND WE SPEAK UP.


  1. Teaching at Forcey Bible Church Men’s Retreat, October 8-10. All Men are welcome to attend.
  2. Pray for opportunities to share the gospel among leaders.
  3. Donna’s pain is now between 0-1! Thank you for praying!!

Helping Louisiana’s Leaders,


My Prayer and Hope for Those Suffering

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