My Encounter with a Holocaust Survivor

I’ve been meditating on this statement, “Things are not falling apart … things are falling in place.”

Corrie ten Boom is one of my all-time heroes. I only got to be with her one time. When she spoke to us about her experiences in the Holocaust, she would often look down while she talked. She did this because she was working on a piece of needlepoint. After telling her story of the cruelty in the German concentration camps and the death of her father and sister, Corrie would hold up the needlepoint for everyone to see.

The backside of her handiwork was a jumble of threads and colors with no discernible pattern. With this came the observation that “this is how we see our lives.” She would then turn the needlepoint over to reveal the intended beautiful pattern visible on the front. Then Corrie would conclude by saying: “This is how God views your life and someday we will have the privilege of seeing it from His point of view.”

I’ve never forgotten her words! God paints on a canvas bigger than you or I can see or imagine.


Interesting phenomenon . . . I realize almost every speaking opportunity I get comes from a friend who opens the door or makes the request.

This is the story of my life and ministry. My friends have been part of God’s favor in my life. They are not in my life by accident or coincidence.

SO … here’s my ASK.

As God opens doors, I want to get the word out about Capitol Commission Louisiana, and my messages, “IS THERE HOPE FOR AMERICA AND YOU?” and “GOD IS ON THE MOVE.” People more than ever need encouragement, hope, and understanding of our times. I do this in churches through Retreats, Preaching, Men’s and Women’s groups, Christian schools, Seniors Groups, Prayer meetings, Bible Studies, Youth Groups, Disaster Response Groups, etc. In the community, I’ve spoken to Political Groups, Rotary Clubs, Leadership Groups, Doctor and Dental Groups, Legal Groups, Business Groups etc. If there is an opportunity in your church, community association, or business … let me know. Talk to your Pastor or others if you think there may be a possibility. I am looking forward to continuing to partner with my friends. Often I can tailor my messages to the needs of the individual group so people have their giftedness fanned and unleashed for greater purposes. You can refer people to our website at: for more information.

Prayer and Praise

I am thankful for so many people who faithfully care for, support and pray for Donna and me. We couldn’t do what we do without friends. It is not our ministry, but the ministry of many to enable the person of Jesus to be introduced to leaders. Thank-you faithful Partners.

I am thankful for the work of transformation in leader’s lives. Just this week, I received several notes from leaders about the changes in their lives. Only God. I recently polled elected leaders and the #1 topic they wanted to study was, “HOW TO KEEP JESUS FIRST IN THEIR LIVES AND WORK.” Bible studies and one-on-ones have been good.

Pray for this election season. I know many of the candidates running and want to serve them well.


Parish President Debate

Mandeville Speaks

Alliance for Good Government

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Leadership St. Tammany Class of 2020

Helping Louisiana’s Leaders,

My Encounter with a Holocaust Survivor

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