My Busiest Time of Year

If our nation is to change, I’m convinced the hearts of leaders must change. Grace Adventures/Capitol Commission Louisiana is dedicated to touching the hearts and minds of leaders, one leader at a time.

When Paul was given his calling in Acts 9, it was a calling to go to Jews, Gentiles and Kings. Kings! We refer to this teaching as the Capitol Commission. There is something unique and strategic about reaching leaders. Two-thousand years after Acts 9:15 was written, we help fulfill the Capitol Commission by taking the Gospel of Jesus to influential leaders at the Capitol, government offices, city halls, and even to our Senators and Congressmen in the United States Capitol.

“I will also speak of Your testimonies before Kings
and shall not be ashamed.” ~Psalm 119:46

Many organizations attempt to stem the decay in America by law-making and lobbying. Better laws have their place, but we focus on the leaders not the laws, the people rather than the politics. As leaders hear Jesus’ call, “Follow me,” and have their minds renewed and refreshed in the Word of God … they are transformed and strengthened to fulfill their individual callings. It was this method that “turned he world upside down” (Acts 17:6b) in the first century.

Our Louisiana Legislative Session kicked off this week. I am keenly aware that our elected representatives and staff face unique pressures, challenges and temptations. The political world is often polarized and crazy. Being angry toward leaders is constantly communicated as normal through much of the media. My job is to love leaders, pray for leaders, provide a listening ear, be a friend, give good counsel and encourage leaders to abide in the person of Jesus Christ (John 15:5). Please pray for us as we endeavor to do kingdom work during our most opportune time of the year.

Praise and Prayer Requests

  • Praise God for the Christ-centered focus of the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast that kicked off the Legislative session.
  • Pray for the Bible studies I lead and participate in with leaders at the Capitol. Pray for just the right combination of leaders to participate and flourish.
  • Pray for open doors of opportunity with new leaders. It is easy to wear a mask, hide and have no real friends in leadership circles.
  • Pray for Donna’s new ministry mentoring young women as well as her continued involvement with the Crisis Pregnancy Center and Grace Adventures/Capitol Commission.
  • Praise the Lord for a positive article a few weeks ago in Baltimore Post Examiner on my work in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina up to my ministry today.
Governor’s Prayer Breakfast

Donna with First Lady Donna Edwards

Helping Louisiana’s Leaders,


My Busiest Time of Year

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