Knocking it into High Gear

National Day of Prayer Event

I had the privilege once again to coordinate the National Day of Prayer Event on May 2nd in the Senate Chamber of the State Capitol. On a very busy legislative day, we had more Senators and Representatives participate than ever before. The event was open to the public. The theme was Love One Another. I loved seeing Democrats and Republicans, Senators and Representatives and Community leaders praying and reading Scripture together. People all over the nation met in gatherings just like this one to express dependence upon God and ask His help in our times of need.

Bible Studies, Prayer, One-on-One Appointments

During the Legislative Session I try to be in Baton Rouge at the Capitol much of the day each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The days consist of Bible studies, listening, encouragement, prayer, care and exhorting leaders to keep their eyes upon Jesus and His Word. There are always surprises! Last week a TV reporter pulled me aside for an interview. I told her I don’t do interviews at the Capitol. She persisted and informed me that it was her first day on the job and I was on the list to interview. I couldn’t imagine why I was on any list and once again communicated that because of my role I don’t get involved in political things. She looked dumbfounded and said, “You are running for Governor, aren’t you?” Like she said … it was her first day on the job (smile). I pointed her toward the right person. God’s surprises happen every day.

Partnering with Capitol Commission

Capitol Commission is a national ministry that attempts to put a chaplain/minister into every capitol in our country. I am honored to serve as their Louisiana State Chaplain and be a part of a bigger movement of God.

At Capitol Commission we want our political leaders to succeed. We have no political agenda. We share the gospel hope and spiritual strength with leaders through PRAYER, PRESENCE and PROCLAMATION. One of our states must have armed police outside of their Legislator’s Bible Study doors because of threats. Another state ministry is getting great push back from some of the media. Yet, together we persevere for the Kingdom of God.


This week I spoke to the Alliance for Good Government for 45 minutes about our work in the community and around the country. I delight in speaking to community-based groups. Their President said that no one from a group like Capitol Commission has ever spoken to their group. I thank God for these opportunities to inform, inspire, network and sometimes find ways to partner through new friendships. Someone opened this door for me to speak to the Alliance for Good Government. If you can open a door for me to speak in your community, church or men’s/women’s/seniors/youth group I would welcome the opportunity!!!


Helping Louisiana’s Leaders,

Knocking it into High Gear

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