Humility or Humiliation

Do you ever get the sense the United States of America is on the brink … that we are approaching a tipping point? Do you discern that we stand at the edge of ominous cliffs; debt cliffs, family cliffs, moral cliffs, spiritual and emotional cliffs? Does anyone think that Organized Religion or Disorganized Politics can save the day? Dare we Americans not think we are invincible in our own strength lest the sun set on the land of the free and home of the brave. Indeed, every empire, dynasty and superpower before us ended up on the ash heap of history. Analysis reveals most superpowers lasted 200-250 years before their foundations crumbled and the disintegration came from within. If you don’t believe me ask a Hittite, consult a Babylonian or an Assyrian, locate a Mede/Persian or an Inca, Mayan or Aztec. Unless we learn the lessons of history we are doomed to repeat them. In other words, our choice is HUMILITY OR HUMILIATION.

The solution is to return to our foundations. William Penn warned, “If we will not be governed by God then we must be governed by tyrants.” Benjamin Franklin said, “I have lived a long time and have observed that God governs in the affairs of men. Unless the Lord builds the house they labor in vain who build it. Unless we rely on His aid in this political house, we will be no different than the builders of Babel.” In other words our choice is HUMILITY OR HUMILIATION. Wasn’t this illustrated in King Nebuchadnezzar, King Belshazzar and Haman? 2 Chronicles 7:14 announces, “If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin, and heal their land.” James 4:6b says “God is opposed to the proud but gives grace to the humble.” In other words, it is HUMILITY OR HUMILIATION.

At the core our Foundation is the person of Jesus Christ. I find myself drawn more than ever to the unique message, death, resurrection and person of Jesus. There is something about Him that transcends religious, political and relational barriers. He is the clue and climax of history and in Him I feel a surge of hope. He had no motorcades, no armies, no parades, no weapons or secret service. His tools were a towel, a cross, an empty tomb, a few scars and a handful of insignificant ragamuffins who became the most unstoppable force in human history. In time people everywhere said, “There is another King. His name is Jesus!”

Surely this can happen again. Isn’t God’s grace still available? If there was a first Great Awakening can’t there be a second? If God could reach the brutal Ninevites … can’t He do the same thing today? If a Nebuchadnezzar was reached … can’t our leaders be reached today? The choice is HUMILITY OR HUMILIATION.

Speaking Opportunities

April 1    Jefferson Parish Luncheon
April 4    Grace Adventures Celebration
April 17  Oilfield Fellowship
April 22  30-minute television program
April 22  Profile of Champions Outreach
April 26  WW2 Museum
May 4     Countryside Fellowship in Savage, MD

Grace Adventures 3rd Anniversary Celebration

Throughout the fall I watched person after person became downcast in the aftermath of the government shut down and polarization. Many people of Faith were discouraged at the very time I was seeing God show up daily in Caesar’s household. At our gathering this month, I had a Louisiana State Senator and two Representatives, an attorney, a former New Orleans Saints player and a pastor speak of their faith while illustrating how a new breed of courageous leaders are being raised up to serve with courage and integrity. It was a cherished evening. One surprise was a formal House of Representatives Resolution NO. 58 commending GRACE ADVENTURES “spiritual support provided to the legislators through Michael Sprague’s ministry as chaplain of the Capitol Commission.” It was signed and sealed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

??????3rd Anniversary Celebration In Pictures
Michael and Donna

Torrance Small, Former NFL Player

Rep. John Schroeder

Rep. Tim Burns

Sen. A. G. Crowe

Pastors Bailey, Young and Sprague

Prayer for Elected Leaders

Betting the Farm on God,

Humility or Humiliation

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