Do You Remember What you Were Doing 40 Years Ago?

I do. It was June 22, 1984 and I was ordained to serve in the ministry of the Gospel. Forty years ago! Time moves quickly. I had just graduated from Seminary and passed a three-hour ordination council that recognized the call of God on my life. In a special service, the leaders laid hands on me and commissioned me for service. The charge to me from Pastor Gerald Small was to “Impress the sheep with the SHEPHERD of the sheep.” In other words – Always point others to Jesus. I was to simply preach the Word of God and shepherd people.

I praise God for His calling in my life. It was all Him and not me. As a child, my little church had an annual “Youth Sunday” in which the kids performed all the roles in the Worship Service. For years they asked me to preach. Every year I replied, “No! That is the last thing I will ever do!” Those words still ring in my ears. Now it is the thing I most want to do. Oh, for the grace of God in my life. Oh, for the mercies of God. He took a kid that was all into himself and saved me, forgave me, and called me. I am filled with gratitude for the blood-stained cross and the empty tomb.

Now I do not think my calling is any better than anyone else’s. I believe in the Priesthood of believers. Everyone has a calling. I wish we had special ceremonies to lay hands on businesspeople, athletes, moms, farmers, teachers and on and on to commission them as ambassadors of Jesus Christ in their sphere of influence. I loved it when one church commissioned their church member who had just been elected as a U.S. Representative. He was charged with going to Washington D.C. to represent Jesus and to not compromise his convictions. I want to be a cheerleader for everyone I know to keep the flame of their calling burning bright.

However, for me … there is no other calling than being a pastor. I was recently asked to run for elected office. It was not for me. This week, for their records, a financial company representative asked me when I planned on retiring. Never I said. Retirement is not even in my vocabulary. I want to go out with my boots on. As long as I have breath and my heart beats, I want to serve the Lord.

Forty years have come and gone. It has been quite an adventure of faith. There have been enough joys to keep me going and enough troubles to keep me prayerful. Truly, if God does not come through for me, I am always sunk. Yet, I can say without any hesitation, “He is faithful!!!” I am finding Jesus to be more compelling, mysterious, and wonderful today than at any time in my life. I want to know Him more and make Him known. Glory to God in the highest. By His grace, I will fight the good fight, finish my course, and keep the faith.

Continuing to BET THE FARM ON JESUS,

Pray for these Special Events

  • State of the Children James Samaritan Breakfast – June 20
  • Officers’ Christian Fellowship Retreat – June 28 – July 5 in PA
  • Celebration Church, 1200 W. Causeway, Mandeville, Preaching 10am – July 7
  • Covington Kiwanis Club – July 12
  • Officers’ Christian Fellowship Holy Land Trip – March 1-10, 2025

Louisiana Legislative Session Finishes

Two Special Sessions and our Regular Session have finally ended. I have been traveling to the Capitol three days a week since January. There is nothing like seeing God at work in a Capitol community. Some think God is not at work in Government leaders, but I get to see it week by week with my own eyes. God has a remnant everywhere and, in some cases, it is bigger than a remnant. Thank you for faithfully praying and supporting our work in this MISSION FIELD.

A Few Pictures

2023-24 Class of Leadership St. Tammany
Memorial Day at the LA State Capitol
David Green, founder of Hobby Lobby, receiving the Colson Center William Wilberforce Award for exemplifying Christlike faithfulness, courage and generosity.




Do You Remember What you Were Doing 40 Years Ago?

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