Communitywide Leader Faith Forum

Thank you for praying for the Regional Leader Faith Forum as we prayed for our community and leaders.

We had Senators, Representatives, Parish President, Mayors, Solicitor General, School Officials, Judge, Council, Sheriffs, Clerk, candidates for office, and many pastors. Psalm 20:7 says, “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.”

The following is what I sent to all of the leaders participating in the program – “I want to remind you that each of you are serving on the frontlines here. God matters. Our community matters. Leaders matter. As one person said, ‘Our assignment is to invade the impossible – those things that cannot be accomplished without God.’ The Holy Spirit has the ability to bring people and things to LIFE and restore things that are broken. God usually works, not through well-orchestrated Jesus events and over-the top-productions, but through humble people with a heart to make Jesus known. When a community of leaders share the fellowship of the risen Christ, seek His will, confess, pray, and serve – there is no telling what God may do. Our purpose isn’t to have people enamored with how good the program is but how good Jesus is. He must increase, we must decrease. Come with an expectant heart. God will be among us. The invisible, personal presence of God will be in our midst – moving, working, revitalizing, and bringing things to life.”

This week starts my busiest time of the year and the months ahead include many Big Events to compliment the one-on-one, small group Bible Studies, writing projects and teaching opportunities already scheduled. Please pray for us and the work in the lives of the Legislators and leaders.

Presenting the Gospel at the Leader Faith Forum

I thank God for the following opportunities in March:

  • Leader Faith Forum … March 21
    Regional elected leaders, pastors and the community gathered for prayer and the Word of God.
  • Home Builders Association … March 21
    Devotional word and prayer
  • War College Chapel … March 22
    I spoke to military officers and their families.
  • The Clay Young TV Program  … March 23
    Interview about the upcoming Governor’s Prayer Breakfast

Pray for These Upcoming Big Events

  • Louisiana Legislative Session … April 10-June 8
    Bible studies and ministry at the Capitol in Baton Rouge resume.
  • Governor’s Prayer Breakfast … April 18
    Location: Crowne Plaza Executive Center, Baton Rouge
  • Parlemento & Faith Conference … May 8-14
    A team from Capitol Commission will be speaking and training in Geneva, Switzerland to prepare leaders to be chaplains in national capitols around the world.
  • Officers’ Christian Fellowship Weeklong Retreat … June 30-July 7
    Teaching daily at White Sulphur Springs, Pennsylvania
  • Holy Land Trip … February 24- March 4, 2024
    The trip is full. There is a waiting list for this trip or you may get on the list for the next trip.


Leaders being prayed for at the Leader Faith Forum
Chamber of Commerce Event
Communitywide Leader Faith Forum

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