Capitol Commission Louisiana 2018 Year-End Newsletter

Posted on 12/15/18 by Michael Sprague

Our ministry sprouted eight years ago with a dedication to reach Political, Business and Spiritual Leaders for Christ, one leader at a time. This ministry is like a tiny, tiny, tiny mustard seed that gets planted in the ground. No one says, “Amen” to a mustard seed. Nobody says, “Yeah, slow organic growth.” So many want a Kingdom style to be swift, forced, visible and powerful, but Jesus says go with the mustard seed approach, emphasizing steady, stealthy, healthy planting, watering and cultivating. In time, the Kingdom bursts forth fruit with 30, 60, or 100-fold.

Almost every day I am experiencing a thriving community of Jesus followers and leaders from all stripes and traditions who humbly are honoring God, loving neighbors, serving cities and towns together not as one church, but as “the” church without a whole lot of notoriety, rancor, blaming, shaming and polarization. We are learning to build up, not simply to tear down. Redemptive possibilities are everywhere and mustard seed miracles are breaking forth.

I marvel at redemptive friendships with Legislators, Judges, State and Local Government leaders, Lobbyists, staffers, journalists, political operatives and staff.

Bible studies are every day of the week except for Saturday … some weekly, some monthly. I spoke over 240 times to groups this year. What joy!

Writing projects have increased. One post recently went viral and has been shared 34,000 times in two months, meaning several million people have seen it. It’s a 4-minute read on the gospel and life of Jesus. Only God.

Doors have opened locally, statewide and nationally. These are redemptive windows. I’m believing that our best days are ahead.  It is thrilling to see my dream of walls breaking down between Political, Business and Faith Leaders. Where trust filled relationships develop … anything is possible. I tell leaders all the time that things can happen in Jesus that can never happen through pure politics.

It is easy to see the world as an unmitigated disaster. Yet some are seeing the world as a glorious opportunity to serve people, so they might know about the marvelous yet scandalous grace of God that is available to all. Some are worried about the future of Christianity. I am not. Yes, many are turning away from idolatrous forms of cultural and political Christianity. People are tired of man-made religion and yet many in this Post-Christian culture are being drawn to the ravishing person of Jesus and His movement that is not based on politics, fear and rage. I look forward to 2019!!

Please Pray For …

  • Our family. Being “Poppy” and “GiGi” is simply the best!
  • Revitalization and renewal in the United States of America. There was a first great awakening. Why can’t there be another one? Jesus is God and with Him all things are possible. I want to be part of the next move of God.
  • New Partners in the work of Capitol Commission Louisiana. No emotional appeals or fundraising tactics. If you are looking for a Kingdom place to invest, if our work registers with you in deep ways, c’mon and jump in with support, service or prayer.
  • Open doors to speak on the topic, Is There Hope For America?, The History of Christianity in America or Jesus: Who Is He? Maybe you, your church or group will be one of the answers to this prayer!

Financial Update

I have not mentioned finances since last December. The core of the ministry has been supported by people making monthly commitments to GRACE ADVENTURES, and this has been supplemented by one-time gifts. I am grateful. As a faith-based ministry, I am responsible to raise all of my support.

Thank You

Donna and I would not be able to strategically focus this way without friends who partner with us in prayer, encouragement and support. It is a great honor to share this ministry with you. We are most grateful. YOU play a huge role in every business person who finds faith … every lonely leader who is encouraged … every person who is reminded not to quit … every seed sown … every political leader who discovers Jesus is worth following … every revitalized soul who discovers their purpose. Thank you, friends. What greater thing could we do than partner with Jesus in His mission to rescue the hearts of those He loves.

Speaking Opportunities in 2018

House of Representatives Bible Study
Capitol Lobbyist Studies
Meetings with Senators and Representatives
One-on-One Appointments
Bible Studies every day of the week but Saturdays
James Storehouse
Belle Chase Rotary Club
Oil Field Fellowship
Northshore Bible Church
Covington Kiwanis Club
Inspiration Church
Law Enforcement Appreciation Luncheon
New Beulah Baptist Church
Christian Legal Society
Forcey Missions Conference
ALEC Conference/New Orleans
Officers Christian Fellowship Retreat
Leadership St. Tammany Events
Springfield, Missouri Banquet
Mandeville City Council
Leader Faith Forum-St. Tammany
Leader Faith Forum-Jefferson
The Cedars Gathering
Methodist Ministers District Gathering
Giving Hope Retreat Center
Capitol Commission Gathering
Covington Prayer Breakfast
National Day of Prayer at LA Capitol
Pearl River Prayer Breakfast
U.S. Senator Event
House of Representatives Prayer
Louisiana Treasurer’s Event
Leadership St. Tammany Retreat
Men’s Unity Breakfast
Lakeview Men’s Gathering

Merry Christmas,
Michael and Donna

Year in Pictures

US Senator Bill Cassidy

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards

Colson Fellows Graduation

With Speaker of the House, Taylor Barras & Rep. Raymond Crews

2018 National Day of Prayer at Louisiana Capitol

2018 Mayors Prayer Breakfast

US Congressman Steve Scalise

Michael and Donna at Officers Christian Fellowship











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A Dream Becomes a Reality

Posted on 10/27/18 by Michael Sprague

Eight years ago, I only had an embryonic dream of reaching out to political, business and spiritual leaders, one leader at a time … in Louisiana and beyond. In January 2011, I bet the farm on God and along with Donna, birthed this dream. I didn’t have a clue where this would all end up and still don’t. However, God does things without asking my permission or advice. I just hold on for the ride. I’d like to share a recent glimpse of how that dream has become a wonderful time of open doors … Nationally, Statewide and Locally.

Nationally – I got to speak to Legislators and leaders in Springfield, Missouri on the topic Where to Find Civility and Hope in America. This took place on the evening of the explosive Kavanaugh hearing. This was either the dumbest topic ever, or the best. God used it. I had a great time in Missouri serving with Dr. John Battaglia. A couple of days later I got to speak to and interact in Michigan with the Capitol Commission Chaplains from across the United States. Donna and I then traveled to the Washington, DC area where I spoke at Forcey Bible Church, Inspiration Church and then to the state leaders of the Fellowship at the Cedars. All these groups are passionate about prayer and seeing spiritual revitalization in our land. God is on the move and it is wonderful to be part of the Kingdom of God.

Statewide – I regularly get to interact with our statewide leaders, many legislators and lead Bible Study at the State Capitol. Last week I had the privilege of opening a meeting in prayer for the Treasurer, Attorney General and Speaker of the House. I had conversations focused upon Jesus and how He is at work pulling leaders together for a deeper Kingdom work. I am also actively involved in the planning for the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast in April.

Locally – Bible studies for leaders take place every day of the week but Saturday. This month, U. S. Senator John Kennedy spoke at our local Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast. A few days earlier, we had a Leader Faith Forum and brought together community leaders to discuss, How Can Political, Faith and Business Leaders Work Together for a Flourishing Community. It was a full house of leaders and I can’t wait to see what will come from this engaging time. This month I was also privileged to serve on the Leadership St. Tammany team to bring together community leaders to address the Opioid Crisis.

Time is short. Our task is monumental. With God all things are possible. Our values are simple … The Centrality of Jesus. Practice Unity and Reconciliation. Build Trust-filled Relationships. See Challenges as Opportunities. Utilize the Power of Small Groups. Bet the Farm on God. Serve by Wanting Nothing in Return. Empower Leaders. Be Non-political. Let the Spirit Change Lives.

October in Pictures

Forcey Bible Church

State Leaders of the Fellowship at the Cedars

Inspiration Church

Capitol Commission Chaplain Dedication

Kim Bigler of James Storehouse receives Donation for a Foster Care Special Project

Donna and Michael with U.S. Senator John Kennedy

Community Leaders Address Opioid Crisis

Helping Louisiana’s Leaders,

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The Foremost Need of the Day? Agree or Disagree.

Posted on 08/17/18 by Michael Sprague

Take a good long look at this diagram. I dare you to ponder it deeply. Is it true? Why or why not?

Could the foremost need of our day be the disciplemaking of men and women? Do you agree or disagree? What would happen if we focused more time and energy on developing disciples?

Now think about Jesus’ life and ministry and run it through the diagram. He started small, stealthy and unconventional, but the work rippled in all directions.

Now, think through the strategy of the early church and run it through the diagram. See a pattern?

If the first and foremost need of our day is disciplemaking … what does that mean for you? Ponder deeply.

My application is stay steady, faithful, and focused on the disciplemaking of leaders. Nothing flashy, showy, or grandiose is required. If I abide in Jesus, He will bring the fruit. If I build trust-filled relationships, good things will come. I just need to keep my hand to the plow and live out grace-adventures. How about you?

Thank You Connectors

Last month I let it be known that I was available to speak during my October Washington, DC visit. I am grateful for many opportunities that were offered! During the fall and spring, I have time to speak to churches, community organizations, men’s groups, retreats, etc. If you can connect me to any of these venues, or if I can serve your group, please let me know. There are no speaking fees. I just like sharing what God is doing and how he wants to use people.

National Legislative Conference

Last week, a three-day national conference for legislators was held in New Orleans. Because they trusted our non-political and non-lobbying strategy, the conference organizers gave me and three other State Chaplains platform time to share the Word of God and pray as well as lead Bible Studies and other opportunities.

Through the week, the gospel was shared with a Mormon Senator from Montana, a skeptic Representative from Wyoming, and several very powerful leaders from Washington. We prayed with dozens more, challenging them with God’s truth and distributing reinforcing resource materials. Hallelujah, more than 40 legislators and political leaders came to devotional times during this conference.

One legislator stated, “I came to New Orleans wondering what this conference would be like in such a city known for its sin, but Capitol Commission brought to this conference the faithful presence of Christ!”

It was a great opportunity for me to interact with our Governor, Speaker of the House, State Treasurer, Senators, Representatives, Candidates for office and Lobbyists.

Pray for

The many speaking opportunities in the next few weeks. Check the speaking schedule at

Legislators Devotional

Legislators Reception

Methodist Ministers District Meeting

Helping Louisiana’s Leaders,

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