Leadership St. Tammany


I love this story out of old Russia. When Nicholas II was Czar of Russia, a father enlisted his son into the military in hopes of instilling discipline and direction into his life. Among other things, the young man had a weakness for gambling and the atmosphere of army life seemed to hurt rather than […]

My Encounter with a Holocaust Survivor

I’ve been meditating on this statement, “Things are not falling apart … things are falling in place.” Corrie ten Boom is one of my all-time heroes. I only got to be with her one time. When she spoke to us about her experiences in the Holocaust, she would often look down while she talked. She […]

The Power of Unity

Picture my morning. I brought together forty-some Business, Faith and Political Leaders into a conference room. My goal was to introduce some amazing young pastors to the leadership of our community. These pastors … from all different denominations … decided to PARTNER, JOIN FORCES, UNIFY, and FORSAKE TERRITORIALISM in order to awaken the community by […]

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