Big Questions of Life

A Representative once asked me, in front of many other Representatives, why I was spending three days a week at the State Capitol. I took a deep breath and said,

“I want to help leaders think through the ‘Big Questions’ of life. I want leaders to win not just in politics, but in life. I do not want leaders to climb the ladder of success only to get to the top and discover their ladder is leaning against the wrong wall. I want leaders to be healthy spiritually, physically, mentally and in their families, because they will serve better. I want everyone to get to know the real Jesus, the Jesus of the Bible and not the one who people make in their own image. If you get to know the real Jesus you will be turned upside down, you will be stunned, amazed, inspired and challenged to no end. I believe things can happen at the Capitol in Jesus that could never happen through politics. Walls can come down and relationships of friendship can be built. I do not believe the Kingdom of God will ever arrive on Air Force One no matter who is the President. I do not believe revival will start in Washington, DC. I believe it is possible for a revitalization to start in an unexpected place …  like Louisiana and it could spread to the nation.”

This is why I am at the Capitol. The Representative gave me a nod like he approved, and I could have at it in the Capitol Community. That was almost ten years ago now, and I have not looked back.

Our ministry with Capitol Commission is Every Capitol, Every Leader, Every Day. Our calling is one of Presence, Prayer and Proclamation. Our focus is on people not politics … lawmakers not lawmaking. We are non-political, non-partisan, and non-denominational. Working behind the scenes with governmental leaders, we provide a pastoral presence in ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Out of trust-filled relationships, all kinds of things are possible. God is on the move and we see things happen that you never read about in the newspapers.

This past month, I have been in Baton Rouge weekly for another Legislative Session. The challenges are great in our State and nation, but God is greater. There is a path forward. I delight in seeing legislators seek the mind of God and courageously lead.

I loved reminding leaders recently of the story of Hezekiah and Sennacherib. Remember? 185,000 enemy troops surrounded Jerusalem. An ultimatum letter came to Hezekiah the King. He spread it out at the Temple before God and decided to trust God. One angel killed all the soldiers. We too are experiencing threatening issues. May we take our pick slip, medical diagnosis, hurtful note, ballot or pile of bills before the Lord. I wonder what He might do or how He may use an angel in our lives and nation.

Prayer Invitation

  1. Pray for Leaders. The Louisiana Legislators are finishing up the Special Session. Pray our leaders to have wisdom, strength and rely on God and not merely human ingenuity. Pray our ministry honors Jesus well. Pray for God’s grace to abound, unity to be pursued, partnerships to blossom, spiritual chains to turn into a spirit of freedom, the hurts of people to be eased and miracles to come from the hand of all mighty God this month.
  2. Pray for Donna and her very painful neck/shoulder situation. This is in many ways a perplexing issue that has been going on for a long time, but our hope is that she may be finally seeing some progress.
  3. Pray for these upcoming special speaking opportunities:
  • October 25 – Bridge Bible Church, Los Angeles, CA, preaching
  • November 1 – Northshore Bible Church, 19516 Sunshine Avenue, Covington, LA, preaching
  • November 19 The Kingdom Group, Baton Rouge
  • June 25-July 2, 2021 – Officers Christian Fellowship Retreat, White Sulphur Springs, PA, speaker


Our friend, David Beasley and the staff of the World Food Organization won the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize.
Please continue to pray for the people of our state
many of whom have suffered home damage twice during the recent hurricanes.

Helping Louisiana’s Leaders,

Big Questions of Life

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