Are you a Frog or a Lizard?

Isn’t it fascinating how Jesus has His way of turning our callings upside down? William Garrison has helped me clarify my new paradigm, and maybe you will see yourself in this as well. Have you ever noticed how differently frogs and lizards acquire their food? The frog sits and waits for unlucky insects to come to him, and he sticks out his tongue and reels it in. If the lizard sat around like the frog, he’d starve to death…so the lizard goes into the world and hunts.

 The frog in the illustration is the traditional pastor role. He gets a degree and a church and ministry opportunities come to him. He ends up with his hands full. The lizard is a different breed. The lizard is the lay worker. He moves around, builds friendships and shares the hope within. What a great analogy. Sure, we need a few frogs, but most of us are called to be lizards. When lizards catch the vision, they will never totally give the ministry back to the frogs again.

We need to make sure we don’t define ministry in frog terms alone. Frogs need to make sure they don’t steal the show but rather release the lizards to GO. I feel a lot like I’ve moved from being a frog to a lizard. It is exciting to move out of the four walls and go out into the highways and byways. Sometimes, lizards even end up in King’s palaces (Proverbs 30:28). Thus, the ministry of Grace Adventures exists to reach political, business and spiritual leaders, one leader at a time and to equip people to be lizards! How about you? May the lizards (lay people) be unleashed.


1.   PRAY for upcoming speaking opportunities: Men’s Retreat in Wisconsin, Chiropractic Annual State Conference Prayer meeting, nine ongoing Bible studies, wedding, baby dedication, and Pastor’s Meeting.
2.   PRAY for the Hebert family as their 12-year-old son, Jeremy, was recently taken to Heaven. At the memorial service, many trusted Christ after I shared the parent’s hope and the biblical message of hope. Pray for follow-up. On the day Jeremy died, I was a guest for an hour on a Moody radio program. The host focused the entire program on Jeremy and the topic of suffering. The switchboard lit up and calls came from two families who lost family members to suicide, other calls included a recent miscarriage, divorce and a non-religious hurting seeker. What opportunities to speak about hope to people in all 50 states! 
3.   PRAISE – all the Bible study groups have been transformed from strictly teaching to equipping people in either discipleship or apologetics and outreach. LIZARDS we will be.
4.   PRAISE for outreach to political leaders. God has given a wide open door of opportunity. Everyone I have spoken to has said they want to be in a Bible study. Praise for leaders who have discovered the GRACE PLAN.
5.   PRAY for ministry opportunity to pastors. Their load is great. Pray that I can have a continual ministry of encouragement to Shepherds.
6.   PRAY for the planning of open-forum outreach groups for early next year and the possibility of having a weekly radio program for the community.
7.   PRAY for follow-up from the annual mayor’s prayer breakfast last week. Over 200 leaders were in attendance. There are about 50 response cards to follow-up with.
8.   Pray for Urban Impact as they take next steps to renovate newly purchased property in Central City, New Orleans. This urban ministry is one of the best in one of the roughest neighborhoods in the city. Pray for me as I have the new opportunity to serve as Chairman of the Board. Pray for funds to renovate and build.
9.   Pray for Donna and me that we stay focused upon Jesus and maintain a vital connection with Him…pray that nothing interferes with that (John15:1-5). Pray we do not love humanity but men and we do not love Christianity but Christ.
10. My book DISASTER: Betting the Farm on God in Life’s Storms is selling. It opens up doors of opportunity. Let me know what you think. Many are purchasing books for family, friends, and hurting people and as Christmas gifts. If you want to get a book:
a.   If you are out of the area or local and want the book/books mailed to you – $20 will cover the book and shipping costs. Make the checks out to GRACE ADVENTURES and send the request to:  Michael Sprague, 701 Rue Marseille, Mandeville, LA   70471.
b.   If you are local you can pick up the book at a cost of $16.99. I’ll have books available at the house and with me while doing ministry.
c.   Books are available at SIMPLE GOODNESS Christian Bookstore in Covington, LA. It can be purchased through and I’ve been told AMAZON takes 60% off the top, so utilize the other options first. The book will be at all the big bookseller’s conventions in the fall, so hopefully it will be picked up by some retailers. 
d.   The book will be available for eBook publishing devices such as Kindle, B&N Nook, Microsoft and Sony e-reader, Mobi, Adobe Digital editions, etc. More information to follow.
e.   If you are on Facebook or email…consider sending your friends or church leaders the book trailer to acquaint them with the book. This gets the word out. Many have already done this and it helps. The trailer is found at 
The Mission: Reaching and Unleashing Political, Business and Spiritual Leaders for Christ, one leader at a Time (Matthew 22:36-40; 28:19-20)
The Strategy:
A.  Outreach: Communicating Christ in non-threatening, grace-filled situations for those searching for meaningful answers to life’s tough issues 
Open Forums
Business Forums
Outreach Events
Adventure Trips
Beginnings Investigative Study
B.  Discipleship: Life on Life ministry either one-on-one or in small groups
Other Discipleship 
C. Training: Reproducing Reproducers and equipping for a lifestyle of ministry in ones sphere of influence
Heart for the Harvest Seminar
The Search for Meaning
Short-Term Missions Opportunities
D.  Speaking and Communication 
Men’s Retreat
Blog and Website
Book – DISASTER: Betting the Farm on God in Life’s Storms 
E.  Strategic Partnerships:  
Urban Impact
SEARCH Ministries
Life Resources
Christian Legal Society
Athletes in Action
National Prayer Breakfast
Local Church/Pastor Partnership
Follower Foundation, Inc.
Betting the Farm on God,
Are you a Frog or a Lizard?

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